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(Location) Arena.png

(Location) Arena (Classic).png

Wizard City - Unicorn Way - Arena

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The Player vs. Player (PvP) Arena is where Wizards from the Ravenwood School of Magical Arts can spar against others in the school, either as a team or going solo.

Inside, there are five pedestals. On the very left, there is a "Daily" pedestal, where duelists can view daily tasks that'll earn them additional rewards. Moving to the right is the "Practice" pedestal, which allows all Wizards to compete with each other without affecting their PvP rankings. Next, the "Ranked" pedestal serves the same purpose as the Practice pedestal, except that it does affect a Wizard's PvP rankings. Ranked matches are restricted to subscribing Wizards and unsubscribing Wizards that pay a short fee of Crowns. Moving on, Wizards will find the "Tournaments" pedestal, which allows Wizards who pay a Crowns fee to participate in PvP tournaments, where Wizards who continually succeed garner greater rewards. To the very right, the "Leaderboards" pedestal offers leaderboards for both Ranked PvP and tournaments, based off of ranking and tournament points, respectively, and wins for both.

Arena Tickets are earned during Player vs. Player (PvP) duels and can be redeemed at one of four vendors, who are located directly outside the arena doors. On the left is Diego the Duelmaster, offering Wizards various pieces of equipment and Reagents. On the right is Roland Silverheart, offering items for Wizards' Castles. Some items purchased through these vendors have an Arena Rank requirement. Also on the right is Brandon Mistborn, who offers the finest equipment for Wizards' levels and Reagents, and across the street is Jordo Mistborn, who sells Jewels for Wizards to affix to their equipment.

Map Location

(Map) Arena.png

Connects To

Unicorn Way


Clockwork Golem (Arena Tutorial), Firebird


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