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(Location) Arcanum.png


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Courtesy of the Wizard101 Website:

Continue your magical studies with the ancient scholars of the Arcanum. Meet new professors, ready to impart their knowledge upon Wizards who reach level 108 and have completed the quest "Story of the Sky Anchor."
The Arcanum becomes available after defeating Ivan and talking to a few pengouins in Polaris. Baba Yaga will lead the Wizard to the World Gate, where the Arcanum can be selected among the list of available worlds.


(Map) Arcanum.png

Places of Interest


Sand Sea

The Arcanum

The Repository



Sand Sea

The Arcanum

The Repository



Sand Sea

The Arcanum

The Repository

Reagents Harvested Here

Normal Harvest
Rare Harvest

Locked Chests Here

No Locked Chests are reported here

Fish Caught Here

No Fish are reported here

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