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Item:Undersea Enchantment Bundle Gift Card

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(Item) Undersea Enchantment Bundle Gift Card.png

Vendor & Cost
$39 from GameStop stores in the United States. Available for purchase online at
  • KI occasionally returns this Item temporarily for purchase online at during special sales/events.
What you Get
1 month Subscription or 5,000 Crowns
Castle(s) Briny Deep Retreat
Elixir Additional Castle Elixir;
increases by 1 the amount of Castles you can own
Mount2-Passenger Dolphin Chariot
Pet Sea Courser

Your Wizard can select gear and weapons up to Level 130 when you redeem the Undersea Enchantment Bundle. Get the most powerful gear options from the Briny Deep Gear and the Armaments of the Briny Deep Wand for your high level Wizards!

Prepaid game cards cannot be combined for larger purchases and cannot be used to unlock Open Chat.

Armaments of the Briny Deep (Wand) & Briny Deep Attire (Gear)
Armaments of the Briny DeepHelm of the Briny DeepHauberk of the Briny DeepGreaves of the Briny Deep
Any LevelAny LevelAny LevelAny Level
Level 10+Level 10+Level 10+Level 10+
Level 20+Level 20+Level 20+Level 20+
Level 30+Level 30+Level 30+Level 30+
Level 40+Level 40+Level 40+Level 40+
Level 50+Level 50+Level 50+Level 50+
Level 60+Level 60+Level 60+Level 60+
Level 70+Level 70+Level 70+Level 70+
Level 80+Level 80+Level 80+Level 80+
Level 90+Level 90+Level 90+Level 90+
Level 100+Level 100+Level 100+Level 100+
Level 110+Level 110+Level 110+Level 110+
Level 120+Level 120+Level 120+Level 120+
Level 130+Level 130+Level 130+Level 130+
Briny Deep Attire (Female)
Briny Deep Attire (Male)

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