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Editing Guide/Wiki Code Editing

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You can format your text by using wiki markup. This consists of normal characters like asterisks, apostrophes or equal signs which have a special function in the wiki, sometimes depending on their position.

Section Headings

Try to avoid special characters in headings, such as an ampersand (&), a plus sign (+), curly braces ({}), or square braces ([]). In place of the ampersand, use the word "and" unless the ampersand is part of a formal name.

Always keep headings short and simple. Headings are guidelines to your page's structure and should inform the reader rather than confuse. To keep it short, avoid unnecessary words or redundancy in headings, i.e. avoid a, an, and the, pronouns, repeating the article title, and so on. Also, try to avoid giving identical titles to different sections.

You type You Get
==Level 2 Heading==

Level 2 Heading

===Level 3 Heading===

Level 3 Heading

====Level 4 Heading====

Level 4 Heading

=====Level 5 Heading=====
Level 5 Heading

Text Formatting

You Type You Get




'''''bold and italics'''''    

bold and italics


Description You Type You Get

Link to another page on the Wiki

[[Creature:Lord Nightshade]]

Creature:Lord Nightshade

Link to another page on the Wiki
without the page's namespace

{{Link|Creature|Lord Nightshade}}

Lord Nightshade

Link to another page on the Wiki
without the page's namespace

[[Creature:Lord Nightshade|]]

Lord Nightshade

Invalid links (red links)

[[red link]]

red link

Change a link's display name
(Foulgaze actually links to Sapphrya's Tower)

[[Location:Sapphrya's Tower|Foulgaze]]


Link to a section of another page

[[Editing Guide/Images#Uploading Images|Uploading Images]]

Uploading Images


Here are various types of lists you can use while editing. These lists include ordered lists and definition lists.

You Type You Get
* Lists are easy
* adding stars 
** create
*** deeper lists
  • Lists are easy
  • adding stars
    • create
      • deeper lists
# Numbered lists
## organized
## easy to read
  1. Numbered lists
    1. organized
    2. easy to read
* Ordered lists
** are used
** most often
  • Ordered lists
    • are used
    • most often
; Definitions
; item : definition
; semicolon 
: colon 
Definition lists

Article Management Templates

These are small templates that allow you to easily add special tags or information to an article. They should be added to the top of the page they are needed on - these templates are used to bring the article to the attention either the Wiki Masters (to delete, move, or perform some other administrative power) or to regular users to add more information (Stubs/ImageStubs).

Description You Type You Get

Indicates an article is a disambiguation page


Indicate something is missing or needed on a page

{{Stub|Type Reason Here}}
(General) Doodle Programmer.png
This is a Stub; please help us to expand it by providing Type Reason Here.

Indicate an Image is needed or is in need of improvement

{{ImageStub|Type Reason Here}}

This Image Stub needs Type Reason Here.

Indicate that Wiki Master/Administrator attention is needed

{{Admin|Type Reason Here}}
(Icon) Admin.png This article or section contains information that requires Admin Attention
  • Type Reason Here
  • A Wiki-Master will fix this as soon as they can.
  • For template change requests, please also make a post in the forums here.

Indicate that a page needs to be moved

{{Move|Proposed Page}}

Indicate that a page needs to be deleted

{{Speedydelete|Type Reason Here}}

Indicate a page contains out-of-date information

{{Outdated|Type Reason Here}}
(Icon) Broom.png This article may contain out-of-date information
  • Type Reason Here
  • If you know about the current state of affairs, please help keep everyone informed by updating this information. (December 2015)

Magic Words

Behavior Switches

You Type You Get
__NOTOC__ Hides the Table of Contents
__TOC__ Places the Tables of Contents at the word's position
__NOEDITSECTION__ Hides the section edit links besides section headings

Page Names

Description You Type You Get

Namespace and title of the page


Editing Guide/Wiki Code Editing

Title of the page excluding the namespace


Editing Guide/Wiki Code Editing


These are various obsolete Wiki Markup codes you can use while editing.

You Type You Get
: Single indent
:: Double indent
::: Triple Indent
Single indent
Double Indent
Triple Indent






<!-- Comment -->

Comments can only be seen in the editing box

Top Text
Bottom Text

Top Text

Bottom Text

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