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Editing Guide/Page Writing

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Page Writing

Writing well on wiki pages is very important for one main reason. You have to be accurate. Here are some basic guidelines to help you in page editing.


Grammar is an essential tool in a writer's toolbox. You can't build good sentences without knowing how to use your tools. Since a wiki article must be as clear as possible for all the people reading it, editors must keep high grammar standards to ensure clear communication.

Do not use abbreviations instead of full words. For example, do not use 'u' in place of 'you' or '2' in place of 'to'. Write the way you would for a class paper or a newspaper article.

Keep your writing concise. Don't use two words where one will do. Keeping your writing simple will make it easy to understand and easy to expand on. Use complete sentences whenever possible. Unlike many wikis, this Wiki is more of a warehouse of information as opposed to a collection of essay-style articles, so this is even more important here. Discussions, spoilers, walkthroughs, and opinions can be presented on the discussion pages for each article.

Keep all of the topics you cover within the scope of the article. What that means is, you don't need to give a detailed history of Wizard City on the page about Merle Ambrose. Consider the article's title as your point of origin and write from that perspective. Make use of the wiki's ability to link to more detailed articles or external sources for more information.

Write from an impersonal perspective.' Do not use "I." For example, do not write, "Hellscream was a fervent member of the Horde. He served both the Old and New Horde, As far as I know." Avoid drawing attention to the author (yourself) as much as possible.

Be bold. If you know something is wrong, correct it. If you think you could word something better, write it. If an article has a glaring deficiency, fill it. Even if your first attempt isn't golden, you can fix it later or someone else will come along and fix it for you. Don't be afraid to screw up, just make sure when you do that you try to keep it within the guidelines of the wiki.


For articles in the Wiki, using proper spelling also means spelling words exactly as they are in the game. If you misspell the name of an item or a creature, other people can not use your work to find the correct information about your misspelled name! This includes punctuation too, get your commas and exclamation points in the right places!


The following words do not receive capitalization unless they are the first word in a title or specifically displayed as such (in a quest title, for example) - a, an, and, of, the, for, and occasionally with, under, over, and between. Formal terms, such as Health or Mana should generally be capitalized in descriptions as well.

Overall, proper capitalization follows the titles of things in the game (though this can be hard to see because the font is a smallcap font, the capital letters are slightly bigger than the lowercase letters). An exception to this is hyphenated words. On the Wiki, words immediately following a hyphen are also capitalized (which is correct grammar), while in-game they may not be.

For the NPCs and Creatures where capitalization varies, the overhead name of the creature should take priority unless it's the only one that varies. For example, if the overhead name said "MoonBlade," but Quest Dialogue, Goals, Maps Images, etc. all showed "Moonblade", "Moonblade" should be used.

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