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Editing Guide/Images

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Taking Screen Captures

Images on the Wiki are in-game screen captures, so please no original artwork.

1) Find what you want to take a picture of in-game.
2) If the game icons are in the way, Press "ctrl-g" on your keyboard to make them go away!
3) Press "Print Screen" on your keyboard to take the picture. (also labeled as "PrtScn")
4) Your Wizard101 Screen will show in Blue the name of the image you just captured.
5) Find your file in the "Desktop/My Documents/Wizard101" folder and open it.
   Open up a new file in Paint or any graphics program and press "ctrl-v" to paste the image into the new file.
6) Crop your image to a decent size (see the examples below)
Please don't cut-out the images without a background, they don't look great on the wiki.
7) FILE TYPES: All static images on the Wiki are .png files, so please save your image as a .png BEFORE you try to upload it.
To convert other file types to .png format open the image in a graphics editor such as Paint, click File > Save As, and select PNG as the type.
All Spell Animations are .gif files, so please contact a Wiki-Master about uploading spell animations (they take awhile to get right).

Example Images

Items often look best from the vendor or inventory view against the blue starry background (See more detailed instructions in this Guide).
(Item) Adventurer Hat Female.png (Item) Engrossed Robes Female.png (Item) Celestian Edge.png (House) Bright Blue Silk Kimono.png (Item) Major Mana Elixir.png (Spell) Link.png
(Pet) Inferno Salamander.png (Item) Royal Lioness 2.png (NPC) Austri.png (Quest) ...A Serpent's Tooth Goal 2.png

Uploading Item Images

1) Open the page that is missing an image.

2) Click on the RED link for the image (See Below).

This automatically opens the Upload Page (See Right) and names the image for you!
(Editing) Missing Image.png
(Editing) Upload File Page Filename.png

Quest Dialogue Images

1) FIRST, tell the Quest page how many Dialogue images you want on it.

2) Press "Edit" at the top of the Quest page, then add the line:

| imagenum = X
(where X is how many dialogue images you want on the page)

3) Press "Save page" at the bottom of the editor window.

4) Now upload the Images using the RED link on the Quest Dialogue section!

See details below.
(Editing) Adding Quest Dialogue imagenum.png
See My Dinner with Algae for an example with Quest Dialogue!
Example Quest Dialogue.png

Uploading Dialogue Images

1) Open the Quest page that is missing a Dialogue image.

Scroll down to "Quest Dialogue" and click on "Expand" to open that section.

2) Then, click on the RED link for the missing Dialogue image. (See Below).

This automatically opens the Upload Page (See Right) and names the image for you!

Note: The standard Dialogue Image size is 800x180px.

(Editing) Missing Dialogue.png
(Editing) Upload File Page Dialogue.png


Please add categories to your images when you upload them. See the Uploaded Image Categories below for names!

To categorize an image, simply add [[Category:Name of Category]] in the "Summary" box when you upload the image. (See Below Example)

For example, for Boot Images, type [[Category:Boot Images]] in the "Summary" box on the upload page.
For Quest Goal and Quest Dialogue images, the world in the [[Category:world Goal Images]] should be the same as the world shown at the bottom of the quest page.

Did you forget to add the category?

Click on the File after you upload it, "Edit" the file page from the tab at the top of the page, and type [[Category:Name of Category]] in the editor instead. Using the Summary box after uploading the image will not work.

If you still really aren't sure, ask a Wiki-Master on Central!

Uploaded Image Categories

(number on the right shows how many subcategories, plus on the left to expand)
Missing Image Categories

(these should not be used as a category
when uploading an image)

Example Upload Screen with Category
Images(25 C)
[×] Beastmoon Form Images(33 F)
Creature Images(20 C)
[×] Fish Images(216 F)
General Images(8 C, 12 F)
[×] Henchmen Images(117 F)
Housing Images(11 C, 23 F)
Item Images(12 C)
Jewel Images(1 C, 39 F)
Location Images(19 C, 28 F)
[×] Locked Chest Images(4 F)
[×] Minion Images(85 F)
NPC Images(23 C, 2 F)
[×] Other Dialogue Images(451 F)
[×] Pet Ability Images(579 F)
[×] Pet Images(1,055 F)
[×] Polymorph Images(26 F)
Quest Dialogue Images(20 C)
Quest Goal Images(20 C)
Quest Guide Images(16 C)
[×] Quest Tree Images(18 F)
[×] Reagent Images(489 F)
[×] Snack Images(471 F)
Spell Animations(14 C)
Spell Images(16 C)
Image Stub(13 C, 113 P, 47 F)
[×] Creature Image Stub(87 P, 87 F)
[×] Housing Image Stub(6 P, 57 F)
Item Image Stub(1 C, 2,180 P, 971 F)
[×] Jewel Image Stub(empty)
[×] Location Image Stub(25 P)
[×] Mount Image Stub(30 P)
[×] NPC Image Stub(9 P, 4 F)
[×] Pet Ability Image Stub(18 P)
[×] Pet Image Stub(23 F)
Quest Dialogue Stub(19 C)
[×] Quest Image Stub(71 P, 221 F)
[×] Spell Animation Image Stub(401 P, 28 F)
[×] Spell Image Stub(527 P, 56 F)
(Editing) Adding Image Categories.png

Manual Image Coding

If ever needed, you can manually include a file in a page by using a link in one of the following forms:

  • [[File:File.jpg]] to use the full version of the file
  • [[File:File.png|200px|thumb|left|caption]] to use a 200 pixel wide rendition in a box in the left margin with a caption
  • [[Media:File.ogg]] for directly linking to the file without displaying the file

You can also:

To view or search previously uploaded files go to the list of uploaded files, (re)uploads are also logged in the upload log, deletions in the deletion log.
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