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Creature:White Tiger

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(Creature) White Tiger.png
Rank20 Boss
School(Icon) Moon.png (Icon) Sun.png
Masteries(Icon) Ice.png (Icon) Storm.png (Icon) Death.png
Battle Statistics
Shadow Pips2 (Icon) Shadow Pip.png max
Starting Pips5  (Icon) Pip Alternate.png / (Icon) Power Pip.png
Out. Pierce26% (Icon) Armor Piercing.png
Out. Boost130% (Icon) Damage Alternate.png
Inc. Boost5% to (Icon) Fire.png (Icon) Life.png
Inc. Resist73% to (Icon) Ice.png (Icon) Death.png
Out. Healing45% (Icon) Healing Alternate.png
Inc. Healing50% (Icon) Healing Alternate.png
LemuriaHeap - Command Center
White Tiger is considered a Minion to Power Draconian. All drops are recorded on that page.
  • "*GROWL*" - If a Wizard joins the battle after the first Round, White Tiger casts Sabertooth on the Wizard.
  • "*WARNING ROAR*" - White Tiger will say this the turn before their *ROAR* cheat.
  • "*ROAR*" - At the end of every two Rounds, White Tiger casts a Moon version of Insane Bolt to all enemies dealing 550, 1,050 or 1,550 Moon Damage.
  • "*WHIMPER*" - If White Tiger is hit by an attack, their *ROAR* cheat is delayed, and the two Round cycle is reset.
  • "*SNARL*" - White Tiger will cast Empower (Moon) on itself after these following triggers.
    • If a negative Charm is cast on White Tiger.
    • After White Tiger casts Grim Reader or Power Draconian casts Lord of the Jungle.
Spell Notes
  • Casts an Aegis-Protected Balanceblade.
  • Casts an Aegis-Protected Bladestorm.
Quest Appearances
Not directly named in Quests
(Spell) Flawless (6 Rounds).png
(Spell) Moon Shield.png
(Spell) Sun Shield (Storm-Life-Fire).png
(Spell) Legion Shield.png
(Spell) Mass Infection.png
(Spell) Balanceblade.png
(Spell) Bladestorm.png
(Spell) Empower (Moon).png
(Spell) Meteor Strike (Moon).png
(Spell) Natural Attack (Moon 105-210-315-420).png
(Spell) Call of Khrulhu (Moon).png
(Spell) Shatterhorn (Moon).png
(Spell) Orthrus (Moon, 700).png
(Spell) Iron Sultan.png
(Spell) Brulee Sucre.png
(Spell) Grim Reader (1,130).png
(Spell) Snowball Barrage.png

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