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Creature:Krampus (Rank 15)

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(Creature) Krampus (Rank 15).png
View Drops ⧨
Rank15 Boss
School(Icon) Fire.png (Icon) Death.png
Battle Statistics
Shadow Pips3 (Icon) Shadow Pip.png max
Starting Pips3  (Icon) Pip Alternate.png / (Icon) Power Pip.png
Out. Pierce7% (Icon) Armor Piercing.png
Out. Boost113% (Icon) Damage.png
Inc. Boost15% to (Icon) Ice.png (Icon) Life.png
Inc. Resist50% to (Icon) Fire.png (Icon) Death.png
30% to (Icon) Balance.png (Icon) Myth.png (Icon) Storm.png
Out. Healing25% (Icon) Healing.png
Inc. Healing25% (Icon) Healing.png
MinionChilling Helper (Rank 15), Stormy Helper (Rank 15)
PetLump of Coal
Wizard CityRavenwood - Krampusgarten (Gold Lock),
Colossus Boulevard - Krampusgarten (Gold Lock)
CelestiaCelestia Base Camp - Krampusgarten (Gold Lock)
PolarisWalruskberg Harbor - Krampusgarten (Gold Lock)

Krampus is a Boss that appears during the Yuletide event. He is located in Krampusgarten (Gold Lock), which requires a Gold Skeleton Key to enter.


"Naughty, naughty. Krampus sees all!"
  • "Naughty, naughty! Punctuality is a virtue!" - If a Wizard joins after the duel has started, Krampus will cheat-cast a Shadow Spell DoT for 750 Fire Damage over three Rounds and a -75% version of Smoke Mantle on the Wizard.
  • "A gift for Krampus? You shouldn't have!" - If a Wizard casts a Blade Spell, he may cast Steal Charm (Shadow -All) that steals all Charms from the Wizard who cast the Blade.
  • He will occasionally cast this throughout the duel.
  • Pet Spells can trigger this cheat.
  • "Naughty, naughty! Krampus sees all!" - If a Wizard casts a Feint Spell, he will cast Cleanse Ward (Shadow, -1) two times (which makes Indemnity ineffective).
  • "Krampus is everywhere!"" - After Krampus has summoned his Minions and has Traps, Krampus will cast a Shadow version of Dimension Shift that transfers all negative hanging effects that are on him (e.g. Traps) to a random ally.
  • "'Tis the season of Krampus!" - At the beginning of Round 5, and randomly thereafter, when he has no Minions, he will cast a Shadow Spell to summon a random combination of Chilling Helper (Rank 15) and Stormy Helper (Rank 15).
  • Whenever a Minion is defeated, he will resummon another after one Round.
Spell Notes
  • The Damage portion of Sacrifice (1,500) can be used on any ally.
  • The Lump of Coal Pet casts the Krampus Spell, which acts like a Natural Attack.
Quest Appearances
Not directly named in Quests
(Spell) Magnify.png
(Spell) Smoke Mantle.png
(Spell) Smoke Screen (-45%).png
(Spell) Bad Juju.png
(Spell) Sacrifice (1,500).png
(Spell) Deathblade.png
(Spell) Fireblade.png
(Spell) Feyblade (Fire).png
(Spell) Cleanse Ward (Shadow, -1).png
(Spell) Choke.png
(Spell) Beguile.png
(Spell) Fire Elf (55+240).png
(Spell) Krampus.png
(Spell) Meteor Strike (355-395).png
(Spell) Scald (567).png
(Spell) Raging Bull.png
(Spell) Rain of Fire (330+880).png
(Spell) Deer Knight.png
(Spell) Scarecrow (450).png
(Spell) Avenging Fossil.png
Gold (per creature or per solo boss fight)
Krampus' Tolltaker (Icon) Accuracy Alternate.pngTotal Drop Reports: 2
Housing Items
Carol of the Bells Theme
Deck the Halls Theme
Festive Yuletree
Gold Skeleton Key (Icon) Accuracy Alternate.pngTotal Drop Reports: 2
Grandmaster Socket Wrench (Icon) Accuracy Alternate.pngTotal Drop Reports: 3
Holiday Wreath (Icon) Accuracy Alternate.pngTotal Drop Reports: 2
Icicle Wallpaper
Jingle Bells Theme
Night Snow Wallpaper
Red String Lights
Small Fir Tree
Stone Skeleton Key (Icon) Accuracy Alternate.pngTotal Drop Reports: 2
Tree Wrapped Gift
Wooden Skeleton Key (Icon) Accuracy Alternate.pngTotal Drop Reports: 2
Yuletide Jingle
Yuletide Wood Paneling (Icon) Crown.pngCrowns Item Drop
Treasure Cards
Evil Snowman
Fire Elf
Ice Elf (Icon) Accuracy Alternate.pngTotal Drop Reports: 2
Jolted Snowman
Lightning Elf
Magma Man (Icon) Accuracy Alternate.pngTotal Drop Reports: 2 (Icon) WMV.pngWiki-Master Verified Drop
Black Coal (Icon) Accuracy Alternate.pngTotal Drop Reports: 12 (Icon) WMV.pngWiki-Master Verified Drop
Pets (Post screenshots here)
Fire Beetle
Fire Elf
Frost Beetle
Grumpy Snowman
Ice Elf
Lump of Coal
Maple Moose (Icon) Crown.pngCrowns Item Drop (Icon) Accuracy Alternate.pngTotal Drop Reports: 2
Snowball (Icon) Crown.pngCrowns Item Drop
Happy Holidaisy (Icon) Crown.pngCrowns Item Drop (Icon) Holiday.pngHoliday Only Drop
Missile Toe (Icon) Holiday.pngHoliday Only Drop (Icon) Accuracy Alternate.pngTotal Drop Reports: 2
Point Setta (Icon) Holiday.pngHoliday Only Drop
Purple Snow Apples
Snow Apples (Icon) Accuracy Alternate.pngTotal Drop Reports: 4
Mounts (1-day version unless otherwise noted)
Blue Candy-Cane (Icon) Holiday.pngHoliday Only Drop
Green Candy-Cane (Icon) Holiday.pngHoliday Only Drop
Red Candy-Cane (Icon) Holiday.pngHoliday Only Drop
Spells (Post screenshots here)

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