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To trade Treasure Cards with a friend, first off make sure that you are standing close to your trading partner. Click the Friends Icon (Icon) Friends.png in the top right-hand corner of your screen and and then click on the friend with whom you want to trade. Select "Trade" from the drop-down menu that shows up.

Trade Window.png

After both parties confirm they want to trade, the trade window will open (like the image on the left) which allows you to place whichever cards you want to from your section called ‘My Stuff’. When you click on one of your cards in ‘My Stuff’ it is transferred over to the left side of the screen. Both dueling and gardening treasure cards can be traded (There are a few “no trade” treasure cards but they are few and far between). After each party selects the cards they want to give away, they must both click the “ready” button at the bottom. A final confirmation window will appear, enumerating the outcomes of the proposed trade. If it is accepted by both participants, than the cards will be traded and the window closed. If either rejects it, the window will close without the cards changing hands. You may trade as many times are you like, but can only trade up to four different treasure cards at one time, unless you are trading more than 1 of the same treasure card.

Note: You may only trade treasure cards, and not robes or wands or anything else. Please also be aware that, as of May 2010, you can not trade enchanted treasure cards either. 

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