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Basic:Teleport Stones

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Teleport Stone Infomation

Teleport Stones were first introduced in Grizzleheim (in June 2009). They were then implemented in other worlds (in October 2009), except for Wizard City, Krokotopia, and Wysteria. Wizard City Teleport Stones were later added (in April 2020).

Teleport Stones allow Wizards to quickly move between different areas within a specific location map.

(Basic) Teleport Stone Update October 2009.png

Teleport Stone Guides

Teleport Stones are found in the worlds listed below.

Each guide displays individual map locations of every Teleport Stone.
World Teleport Stone Guide
Wizard City Wizard City Teleport Stones
Krokotopia Krokotopia Teleport Stones
Marleybone Marleybone Teleport Stones
MooShu MooShu Teleport Stones
Dragonspyre Dragonspyre Teleport Stones
Grizzleheim Grizzleheim Teleport Stones
Celestia Celestia Teleport Stones
Zafaria Zafaria Teleport Stones
Avalon Avalon Teleport Stones
Azteca Azteca Teleport Stones
Khrysalis Khrysalis Teleport Stones
Polaris Polaris Teleport Stones
Mirage Mirage Teleport Stones
Empyrea Empyrea Teleport Stones
Karamelle Karamelle Teleport Stones
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