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Basic:Semantic MediaWiki

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The following page contains information on the basics of a Semantic MediaWiki and some of its additional search features:

Introduction to Semantic MediaWiki

Semantic MediaWiki (or simply SMW) is a powerful extension to the MediaWiki software that runs the Wizard101 Wiki. It allows the Wiki to create Properties which can be used to perform smart searches and create lists, such as drop lists, on item pages without the need of creating new categories. These properties can be searched in any combination to create unique lists of information, such as "Creatures that drop Deadly Helephant Ears who are not of the Life School and have less than 10,000 Health". The searching capability is completely customizable.

Semantic Searching

The following sections will describe how to perform a semantic search, and information related to creating these queries.

Search Tools

SMW has various search tools that can be used to filter information depending on exactly what users are attempting to find. All of the functions can be found under the Semantic MediaWiki heading on the Special Pages page. These include Browse, Search by Property, and Query Creator/Semantic Search.

  • Browse: Search any page of the Wiki and see a clickable tabular summary of its Properties.
  • Search by Property: Find pages that have a certain Property and a particular value for that Property.
  • Query Creator / Semantic Search: These are the most powerful search tools, which allow complete customization and lists that can be tailored to specific requests. Of the two, Query Creator is more user-friendly and will output a code that allows the results table to be inserted into a wiki page.


In order to utilize any of the above search features, the proper format must be followed or the search will turn up empty.

  • Browse: Enter the page name, including “Namespace:” in the search box.
House:Evil Magma Peas
Creature:Belloq (Twin Giants)
Item:Flameborn Sidhe Cowl.
Items with Global Critical around 25
  • Query Creator: Enter the Namespace, Category(s), or Property(s) in the white box.
The format for Namespace, Category, and Property are [[Namespace:+]], [[Category:Category Name]], and [[Property::Property Value]].
Columns can be added to the table using the "Add Properties" or "Add Categories" buttons below the box. These must be used in order to view any information other than a page name. If [[FireDamage:10%]] is entered in the search box, a column displaying FireDamage will not appear, unless FireDamage is also added via the "Add Property" button (the search would still take the FireDamage parameter into consideration though). The Query Creator search tool requires the most effort and attention to format, because of the nearly infinite number of possible searches.
The following are examples of search query results:
Items with Global Critical greater than or equal to 30 Creatures that drop Deadly Helephant Ears,
that aren't of the Life School, with less than 10,000 Health
Tiki Boots of Sacred Songs (Level 100+) 31
Forgemaster's Sword (Level 80+) 31
Sword of Kings (Life) 31
Zamunda Spear and Shield (Level 70+) 31
Alpine Hunter Axe (Level 60+) 31
Desert Lodestar Staff (Level 70+) 31
Crystal Cavern Cudgel 31
Arbalaster 3000 (Level 80+) 31
Commemoration Staff (Level 50+) 31
Tiki Crown of Sacred Songs (Level 100+) 31
Assemblage of the Arcanum 31
Snowdrifter's Stave (Level 60+) 31
Imperial Walrusk Deck 31
Lead's Hazmat Box 31
Savannah Spear and Shield (Level 70+) 31
Dark Elf Sword and Shield (Level 50+) 31
Tiki Armor of Riptides (Level 70+) 31
Karamelle Knight Sword (Level 50+) 31
Creepy Clown Staff (Level 90+) 31
Black Werewolf Leggings (Level 60+) 32
… further results

Code used in above example:
|class=sortable wikitable smwtable

  Health School
Baron Hairkonnen 9 Myth
Spriggan 1,770 Myth
Strangler Goblin 1,870 Fire
Stag Charger 1,910 Ice
Deep Dark Goblin 2,000 Storm
Lesser Djinni 2,000 Fire
Lesser Borealis Golem 2,560 Fire
Trendkill Pantera 2,630 Storm
Piper StormTree (Tier 5) 2,660 Storm
Foul Skirker 2,700 Myth
Rusty TinderSpark (Tier 5) 2,725 Fire
Hobgoblin Blood Captain 2,880 Fire
Great Horned Knight 2,880 Fire
Disloyal Knight 2,915 Balance
Loch Spriggan 2,915 Storm
Corpse Lantern 2,945 Death
Death Seraph 2,950 Death
Dragon Spawn 2,950 Fire
Grim Seraph 2,950 Death
Gemma BlackHeather (Tier 5) 3,045 Death
… further results

Code used in above example:
{{#ask:[[HasDrop::House:Deadly Helephant Ears]][[School::!Life]][[Health::<<10,000]]
|class=sortable wikitable smwtable


When using the Semantic Search and Query Creator, comparators can be used to help narrow down searches. The following are all usable comparators:

  • <:For numerical properties, returns values less than or equal to the inputted value
  • <<:For numerical properties, returns values less than inputted value
  • >:For numerical properties, returns values greater than or equal to the inputted value
  • >>:For numerical properties, returns values greater than the inputted value
  • !:For numerical and text properties, returns values not equal to the inputted value
  • Equals To:For numerical and text properties, returns values equal to the inputted value; used by default, no symbol needed

Current Properties

Visit the Properties page to see a full list of the currently defined properties on the Wiki.

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