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Wizard Schools

When Creating a Character, Wizards choose one primary school of magic which can never be changed.

All primary school spells are free to learn. Wizards can train spells from other schools (secondary schools), at the cost of Training Points.
Rare spells can be obtained from creature drops, crafting recipes, or hoard packs.

There are 7 Primary Schools of Magic in Wizard101:

(Fire, Ice, and Storm comprise the Elemental Schools)

School of Fire

(Icon) Fire Alternate 2.png
Fire School Spells

School of Ice

(Icon) Ice Alternate 2.png
Ice School Spells

School of Storm

(Icon) Storm Alternate 2.png
Storm School Spells

School of Balance

(Icon) Balance Alternate 2.png
Balance School Spells

School of Myth

(Icon) Myth Alternate 2.png
Myth School Spells

School of Life

(Icon) Life Alternate 2.png
Life School Spells

School of Death

(Icon) Death Alternate 2.png
Death School Spells

(Myth, Life, and Death comprise the Spirit Schools)

Astral Schools

This image displays the relationship
between all schools of magic.

The Astral Schools are secondary schools of magic that become available in Celestia, Zafaria, Azteca, and the Arcanum. They can only be learned with Training Points.

(Icon) Star.png  Star School Spells (Icon) Sun.png  Sun School Spells (Icon) Moon.png  Moon School Spells

When enemies have a proficiency in Astral magic, they generally tend to have a mastery of all three schools of magic related to their primary Astral School. For example:

Sir Blackwater is a Star Star School Creature with a mastery of the Schools of Death, Life, and Storm.
Spirit of Darkmoor is a Sun Sun School Creature with a mastery of the Schools of Myth, Life, and Fire.
Yevgeny NightCreeper is a Moon Moon School Creature with a mastery of the Schools of Ice, Myth, and Death.

Shadow School

The Shadow School is an underlying, reality-defining, school of magic that is first encountered in Khrysalis. Most can only be learned with Training Points, while some are awarded for becoming a more powerful Shadowmancer through questing.
(Icon) Shadow.png  Shadow School Spells

Gardening and Fishing

Any Wizard can spend (Icon) Gold.png Gold to learn spells from the Gardening School to Garden various magical plants from all over the Spiral, and spells from the Fishing School to Fish out the numerous ponds across the Spiral.
(Icon) Gardening.png  Gardening School Spells (Icon) Fishing.png  Fishing School Spells
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