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NPC stands for Non-Player Character.

They are people and beings of other races, that you can talk to and interact with in the game (by pressing 'X' to interact with). This includes Vendors, Ravenwood Professors, and a whole host of others, including some of the dragons in Dragonspyre!

NPCs are different from Creatures, which are the monsters, people, and various entities in the game that you compete with or against (fight) in magical duels. So anyone or anything that you fight with or against in the dueling circle (except for your fellow wizards) is a Creature. See Creatures for more information.

Note that sometimes you can have an NPC that later becomes a Creature or vice versa. On this Wiki, there are separate pages for the NPC version and the Creature version of any person.|}

What do NPCs Do?

NPCs do one or more of the "jobs" below, these are just classifications that help us understand what an NPC does.


Vendors are NPCs that buy and sell goods and services. A vendor area exists in every world, and are either in the center zone of the world, or very near it. Some vendors, especially Crafting Vendors can be somewhere other than the main Vendor area, however.
Vendors offer many items up for sale, both for Gold and Crowns, and you can browse through the shops whenever you visit the vendor. If you would like to buy an item, walk up to the vendor and type "X.” Then, scroll through the available items to choose the one you want, customize its colors, and click BUY. Different color combinations have different prices, so experiment for the best look and bargain.
In addition to buying items from vendors, you can also sell items to vendors. To do this, interact with a vendor by typing "X.” Then, click on the SELL tab at the top left of the screen. Click the item you wish to sell, and then select SELL. Items are sold to vendors for a lot less than their actual value. So if you buy something, make sure you really want it! Note that you cannot sell Crowns Items for Crowns, only Gold.


Trainers are the NPCs that teach you spells. Most Trainers teach spells for Training Points (Free if the spell is of your school), but Gardening Spells are purchased with Gold instead.


Many NPCs give you Quests to do for experience. They are an integral part of the story and side quests in the game.

Look Pretty

Some NPCs are simply there for appearances, or KingsIsle plans to use them for future game material. Either way, some NPCs simply stand around and do nothing. Sir Reginald Baxby was one of these until the release of Celestia!
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