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Locations are the areas that Wizards can visit in Wizard101.


Location Types

On the Wizard101 Central Wiki, there are 3 different types of locations: Worlds, Locations, and Sublocations.


Worlds within the Spiral can be reached through the Spiral Door found in each world (often located within a Spiral Chamber).

Wizard City (including Aquila and Castle Darkmoor)
Grizzleheim (including Wintertusk)
Krokotopia (including Kembaalung Village)


Locations are areas within a world that have their own map. Each world page has a list of all the locations within it.


Sublocations are areas within a world that do not have their own map. They are generally smaller areas within a location with named significance. This includes towers, instances, various non-instance houses, accessible rooms, and even specific places or areas within locations that are named. Each location page has a 'Places of Interest' list of all the sublocations within it.


An Instance, also known as a Dungeon or Gauntlet, is a copy of an in-game area designed for one to four players, usually for the purpose of storyline immersion or item "farming." They are generally sublocations (areas without their own map), but some instances are considered their own location, such as Sunken City, Shirataki Temple, The Great Spyre, and Mirror Lake.


Dungeons generally include their own location map and allow other Wizards to teleport into the map when there is less than four players present.

Dungeons range in complexity from the common single-room Boss fight, to those that take hours to complete and have multiple Bosses and/or puzzles that must be solved. Some instances can only be done solo, such as the ones related to School Spell Quests.

Common Dungeons include:


Housing Gauntlets are a type of Gauntlet that can be placed in Houses

Gauntlets are Dungeons comprised of a series of rooms. Unlike normal Dungeons, Gauntlets do not include their own location map.

The following limitations are often associated with Gauntlets:

  • Sigils must be used to enter a Gauntlet.
  • Teleporting into a Gauntlet is not allowed. Attempting to do so will result in the message "That player is busy right now, please try again."
  • Certain Quests may need to be active in the Quest Log in order to enter the Gauntlet.
  • Leaving the Gauntlet may result in losing all progress (this includes dying, fleeing, or even logging out).
  • The ability to "Mark" location may be disabled in a Gauntlet.

Common Gauntlets include:


Sigil Example.png
Instances have four small blue circles in front of the entrance, which allows up to four Wizards to enter the Dungeon simultaneously. These blue circles are called Sigils. To enter this dungeon, simply walk up to the Sigil, press "X", and wait for the 10 second countdown. In order for the players (Max. 4 Wizards) to enter the Dungeon together, they all would have to press "X" before the countdown timer ends.

Dungeon Warning

Dungeon Entrance Warning Example Dungeon Exit Warning Example
Dungeon Warning.png Dungeon Exit Warning.png
This warning gives players an estimate of how long the Dungeon will take. It also warns Wizards about leaving the Dungeon -- Wizards are allowed 30 minutes to return before the Dungeon resets. This warning alerts players that logging out will cause the Dungeon to reset.
All progress made in the Dungeon will be lost.

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