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Basic:In-Game Help

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  • These pages are from the Help tab of the In-Game Guidebook.

  • To view a larger version of the pages, simply Click on the Image.

Help: Questing

(Basic) Guide Questing 1.png

(Basic) Guide Questing 2.png

(Basic) Guide Questing 3.png

(Basic) Guide Questing 4.png

Help: Combat

(Basic) Guide Combat 1.png

(Basic) Guide Combat 2.png

(Basic) Guide Combat 3.png

(Basic) Guide Combat 4.png

(Basic) Guide Combat 5.png

(Basic) Guide Combat 6.png

(Basic) Guide Combat 7.png

(Basic) Guide Combat 8.png

(Basic) Guide Combat 9.png

(Basic) Guide Combat 10.png

(Basic) Guide Combat 11.png

(Basic) Guide Combat 12.png

Help: Interface

(Basic) Guide Interface 1.png

(Basic) Guide Interface 2.png

(Basic) Guide Interface 3.png

(Basic) Guide Interface 4.png

(Basic) Guide Interface 5.png

(Basic) Guide Interface 6.png

(Basic) Guide Interface 7.png

(Basic) Guide Interface 8.png

(Basic) Guide Interface 9.png

Help: Character

(Basic) Guide Character 1.png

(Basic) Guide Character 2.png

Help: Housing

(Basic) Guide Housing 1.png

(Basic) Guide Housing 2.png

(Basic) Guide Housing 3.png

(Basic) Guide Housing 4.png

(Basic) Guide Housing 5.png

(Basic) Guide Housing 6.png

(Basic) Guide Housing 7.png

Help: PvP

(Basic) Guide PvP 1.png

(Basic) Guide PvP 2.png

(Basic) Guide PvP 3.png

(Basic) Guide PvP 4.png

(Basic) Guide PvP 5.png

Help: Crafting

(Basic) Guide Crafting 1.png

(Basic) Guide Crafting 2.png

(Basic) Guide Crafting 3.png

Help: Crown Shop

(Basic) Guide Crown Shop 1.png

(Basic) Guide Crown Shop 2.png

(Basic) Guide Crown Shop 3.png

(Basic) Guide Crown Shop 4.png

(Basic) Guide Crown Shop 5.png

(Basic) Guide Crown Shop 6.png

(Basic) Guide Crown Shop 7.png

(Basic) Guide Crown Shop 8.png

Help: Pets

(Basic) Guide Pets 1.png

(Basic) Guide Pets 2.png

(Basic) Guide Pets 3.png

(Basic) Guide Pets 4.png

(Basic) Guide Pets 5.png

(Basic) Guide Pets 6.png

(Basic) Guide Pets 7.png

(Basic) Guide Pets 8.png

(Basic) Guide Pets 9.png

(Basic) Guide Pets 10.png

(Basic) Guide Pets 11.png

(Basic) Guide Pets 12.png

(Basic) Guide Pets 13.png

Help: Gardening

(Basic) Guide Gardening 1.png

(Basic) Guide Gardening 2.png

(Basic) Guide Gardening 3.png

(Basic) Guide Gardening 4.png

(Basic) Guide Gardening 5.png

(Basic) Guide Gardening 6.png

(Basic) Guide Gardening 7.png

Help: Mounts

(Basic) Guide Mounts 1.png

(Basic) Guide Mounts 2.png

Help: Fishing

(Basic) Guide Fishing 1.png

Help: Jewel Socketing

(Basic) Guide Jewel Socketing 1.png

(Basic) Guide Jewel Socketing 2.png

(Basic) Guide Jewel Socketing 3.png

(Basic) Guide Jewel Socketing 4.png

(Basic) Guide Jewel Socketing 5.png

(Basic) Guide Jewel Socketing 6.png

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