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This page details the exclusive features available during the Hallowe'en Event in Wizard101, which generally takes place during the month of October.

Ghostly Spires

Three special towers manifest every year during Hallowe'en. They appear on a floating island in Ravenwood where the Death School used to be. Their entry sigils activate after completing the quest Ghostly Spires, making all three available to Wizards of any level. The towers are listed below in order of increasing difficulty.

Other Hallowe'en exclusive locations include:

Each of these Hallowe'en Bosses can drop holiday items, as do the usual Bosses around the Spiral who have seasonal drops.

Hallowe'en Apprentice Tower
Level 1 Level 2 Level 3 Level 4 Level 5
Plagued Soul Haunting Banshee Haunting Banshee Health and Mana Wisps Hallowe'en Trickster
Rotting Fodder Plagued Soul Rotting Fodder Rotting Fodder
(Location) Hallowe'en Apprentice Tower.png

Hallowe'en Adept Tower
Level 1 Level 2 Level 3 Level 4 Level 5
Skeletal Soldier Skeletal Soldier Howling Ghost Health and Mana Wisps The Reaper
Skeletal Soldier Midnight Shuffler Midnight Shuffler Death Whisperer
(Location) Hallowe'en Adept Tower.png

Hallowe'en Master Tower
Level 1 Level 2 Level 3 Level 4 Level 5
Bone Digger Soul Hunter Soul Hunter Soul Hunter Pumpkin Head
Maiden of Hate (Rank 6) Bone Digger Maiden of Hate (Rank 6) Bone Digger Skeletal Retainer
(Location) Hallowe'en Master Tower.png

Bosses that Drop Items

These bosses include, but are not limited to:

A popular boss to farm is Lord Nightshade, as he drops most of the seasonal items and is the lowest rank to do so.

(Creature) Lord Nightshade.png


Hallowe'en in Wizard101 is also packed with quests from various NPCs who appear during the season! These quests can be obtained from the five Field Guard brothers located around Wizard City.

(NPC) Jack Hallow.png

* Requires a subscription or access passes to access these areas

Something Rotten in Nightside...

This quest sends Wizards to the blocked-off cave in the Haunted Cave. Wizards encounter many strange sights, such as undead vegetables feeding off of Blood Bats. Blaah! Wizards must uncover the source of this strange phenomenon.

To receive this quest, Wizards must be level 13 or higher. They may then speak to Dworgyn to begin their investigation of the strange, undead veggies.

Hallowe'en Fish

There are special Hallowe'en Fish to collect during this Event.

(Fish) Black Catfish.png (Fish) Frankenfish.png (Fish) Vampire Squid.png

Hallowe'en Items

(Item) Nightmare Pack.png (Item) Harrowing Nightmare Pack.png (Item) Gloomthorn Nightmare Pack.png (Item) Elven Nightmare Pack.png (Item) Pirate Nightmare Pack.png

The Nightmare Pack, Harrowing Nightmare Pack, Gloomthorn Nightmare Pack, Elven Nightmare Pack, and the Pirate Nightmare Pack can be purchased in the Crown Shop.

Tarley sells special transformations after being rescued from the Nosferabbit (though most are not Hallowe'en themed).

Spooky Bob sells Hallowe'en exclusive items in the Shopping District.

(Item) Lollipop Wand.png (Item) Mean Pumpkin Staff.png (Item) Sad Pumpkin Staff.png (Item) Silly Pumpkin Staff.png (Item) Witch's Broom.png
Lollipop Wand Mean Pumpkin Staff Sad Pumpkin Staff Silly Pumpkin Staff Witch's Broom

Hallowe'en Set
(Item) Hallowe'en Hat Male.png (Item) Hallowe'en Robe Male.png (Item) Hallowe'en Shoes Male.png
Hallowe'en Hat Hallowe'en Robe Hallowe'en Shoes

Ninja Pig Set
(Item) Ninja Pig Hat Male.png (Item) Ninja Pig Robe Male.png (Item) Ninja Pig Shoes Male.png
Ninja Pig Hat Ninja Pig Robe Ninja Pig Shoes

Mummy Costume Set
(Item) Mummy Costume Headwraps Male.png (Item) Mummy Costume Bodywraps Male.png (Item) Mummy Costume Footwraps Male.png
Mummy Costume Headwraps Mummy Costume Bodywraps Mummy Costume Footwraps

Vampire Costume Set
(Item) Vampire Costume Wig Male.png (Item) Vampire Costume Coat Male.png (Item) Vampire Costume Boots Male.png
Vampire Costume Wig Vampire Costume Coat Vampire Costume Boots

(Basic) Bat Arrow-Top.png

(Item) Boo Pumpkin Mask Male.png (Item) Cool Pumpkin Mask Female.png (Item) Cyclops Pumpkin Mask Male.png (Item) Goofy Pumpkin Mask Female.png
Boo Pumpkin Mask Cool Pumpkin Mask Cyclops Pumpkin Mask Goofy Pumpkin Mask
(Item) Happy Pumpkin Mask Male.png (Item) Kitty Pumpkin Mask Female.png (Item) Pirate Pumpkin Mask Male.png (Item) Plain Pumpkin Mask Female.png (Item) Scary Pumpkin Mask Male.png
Happy Pumpkin Mask Kitty Pumpkin Mask Pirate Pumpkin Mask Plain Pumpkin Mask Scary Pumpkin Mask

(Pet) Black Cat.png (Pet) Frankenbunny.png (Pet) Frankenbunny Bride.png (Pet) Ghost Dragon.png (Pet) Jack O Lantern.png
Black Cat Frankenbunny Frankenbunny Bride Ghost Dragon Jack O Lantern
(Pet) Nightmare.png (Pet) Obsidian Mimic.png (Pet) Penumbra Drake.png (Pet) Winged Catastrophe.png (Pet) Zombie Piggle.png
Nightmare Obsidian Mimic Penumbra Drake Winged Catastrophe Zombie Piggle
(Pet) Spectre of the Brocken.png (Pet) Zombee.png
Spectre of the Brocken Zombee

(Basic) Bat Arrow-Top.png
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