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Creatures are the monsters, people, and various entities in the game that you compete with or against (fight) in magical Duels. So anyone or anything that you fight with or against in the dueling circle (except for your fellow Wizards) is a Creature.

NPCs (Non-Player Characters) are all of the people and beings that you can talk to or interact with by pressing 'X'. Note that sometimes you can have an NPC that later becomes a Creature or vice versa. On this Wiki, there are separate pages for the NPC version and the Creature version of any person. Go to NPCs for more information.


Creatures have a Rank indicated by the number below their name, like Rank 6 Elite.
Higher rank Creatures have more health, and can cast more powerful spells and more types of spells.
  • Generally, the Rank number corresponds with the highest pip spell the Creature can cast, though not every Creature casts spells as high as their rank (especially Rank 8-10 creatures in Grizzleheim and Dragonspyre) and some Creatures, mostly Elite or Boss, can cast spells that are higher than their Creature Rank.
  • Also, the higher the rank, the more resistance the Creature has to spells cast from its school, but the weaker it is against spells of the opposing school.
Creatures by Rank(66 C)


Creatures can be normal, Elite, or Bosses. Elite and Boss creatures say so below their name; normal creatures have no extra label.
On the wiki, you only put Elite or Boss; if they are normal then do not put anything.
Boss(24 C, 1,437 P)
Elite(21 C)


Unlike the spells where wizards summon a minion, the Creature that helps a boss is also known as a Minion. Only Boss Creatures have minions, with the very rare exception of certain Elite Creatures in special Instances.


The School of magic the Creature is linked to. Generally, most of the Creature's spells will be from this school as well, but not always. This includes the original 7 Schools the 3 Astral Schools, and the Shadow School.
Creatures by School(11 C)


This is sort of like the race of the Creature. This originally derives from the Badges that require you to fight a certain number of Creatures in a class to earn the badge. Common classes from badges include Undead, Cats, and Samoorai.
While most Creatures have one Class for the purpose of badges, some creatures actually have more than one and the Desert Golem in Krokotopia has three!
A full list of Classes on the wiki can be found in the Creature Classes Category.


Creatures cast spells much like Wizards, except they are not limited by a deck and can often cast a few Spell Mutations that Wizards cannot normally cast except through rare Item Cards or Treasure Cards.

Physical Attack

The Physical Attack is a natural attack spell that most creatures use as a basic spell attack. This is given as an amount of damage per pip. Some creatures are limited to using one or two pips for an attack, but many can use as many Pips as they want, just like the X Pip Spells. For Creatures whose natural attacks are different than their primary school, power pips only count as one pip for the natural attack.
On the wiki, we only put the Image of the Natural Attack on a Creature if it has been confirmed through a Beguile Spell, Monstrology Summon or from Arcane Deduction.

For more information see Natural Attacks.

Boost & Resist

These are filled in automatically on the wiki. Resist is the damage reduction applied to spells and Boost is the damage increase schools have to the opposing school's spells (ex. Myth boosts Storm, Storm boosts Myth, Fire boosts Ice, etc.). Creatures resist spells from their own school. However, in worlds prior to Celestia, Creatures only boosted spells from the opposing school. Balance Creatures boost the Spirit Schools and resist Balance.
For Azteca, Celestia, Khrysalis, Zafaria, the Wintertusk expansion, and equivalent high rank creatures in older worlds, Creatures boost two schools at a lower value each.

See the Boosts and Resist projects in the Projects Category for more information.


The World, Location(s), and Sublocation(s) the creature can be found in, see Locations.

Quest Appearances

If the creature is directly mentioned in a Quest, note the name of the Quest on the Creature page. (not if you ran by them on the way to complete it)


On wiki pages, we record each Item drop individually for each Normal and Elite creature to be as accurate as possible. Boss Fights record all the dropped items from the fight on the Boss's page.
Gold is always recorded as a value per creature for Normal and Elite creatures. Gold values for Boss fights are recorded for fighting the Boss solo (by yourself) or for an equivalent fight. In a Boss fight, if other Wizards join you, do not record the Gold value if those Wizards cause extra or different minions to join the boss fight.
Note: Various Elite Creature fights are treated like Boss fights for gold and drops. This is when the fight contains an Elite Creature and minions instead of a Boss and minions. This occurs in an instance or somewhere where the conditions of the fight are constant. These conditions are noted on the Elite Creature pages.
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