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Basic:Creating an Account

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(Basic) Become a Member KI.gif The first step on your journey in Wizard 101 is to create an account.

To do this all you have to do is sign up on the Wizard 101 Homepage. and follow the instructions to download the program onto your computer.

Free to Play

For free, all players get full access to 'Free to Play' locations. These are the starter locations in the game, and you can play in these before you decide how you would like to buy access to the rest of the game.

Free to Play also includes:

Crowns Players

These players use Crowns to buy access to game content they wish to play. Crowns are an in-game currency that you purchase online from KingsIsle or get from Gift Cards.

Crowns allow you to:

  • Unlock game areas by paying for each area
    • Unlocked areas are unlocked forever for all characters on an account
    • See Area Pricing for Crown costs for each area
  • Early access to new game content in the Test Realm
(with $10 or more Crowns purchase in last 30 days)
  • Purchase items from the Crown Shop
  • Access ranked Ranked PvP and Pet Derby for 80 Crowns per duel/race or 240 per day
  • Access to PvP Tournaments for 849 Crowns per tournament.
  • Access 18+ Chat with validated Credit Card on file


These players purchase membership for full game access (1 month, 6 month, 1 year intervals). Family plans offer a reduced monthly cost for multiple accounts in the same house.

Note that other than the family plan, only one character from an account can be logged in at a time.

Subscription gives you (when active):

  • Full access to all game areas
  • Early access to new game content in the Test Realm
  • Full access to Ranked PvP Duels and Pet Derby
  • Discounted price of 499 Crowns to compete in PvP Tournaments
  • Faster Energy Regeneration
  • Larger Backpack (150 vs 80)
  • Larger Friends list (150 vs 100)
  • Faster cooldown for Crafting Timers (2 times faster) and Pet Hatching (12 hours vs 24)
  • Access to KingsIsle Wizard101 message boards
  • Access to 18+ Chat with validated Credit Card on file

Note: to enter any area, you must either complete the required quests or teleport to a friend in that area.

Create a Character

The next step is Creating a Character. If you want more information about the game first, look at Basic Game Information.

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