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(Basic) Beastmoon Banner.png

General Information and Rules

Artemis New Moon hosts Beastmoon events, informing Wizards when each new Beastmoon rises.

Beastmoon is a category of events that KingsIsle activates from time to time. There is no specific date for these events and they last for a week at a time. These events, hosted by the Aquilan Immortal Artemis New Moon in Wizard City's Arena, has Wizards don event-exclusive Polymorphs known as Beast Forms and compete in both PvP and PvE settings to earn a plethora of unique rewards. Each Beastmoon event runs for about a week, and Points earned during the events contribute to Wizards' Scroll of Fortune total with no limit applied on how many Points can be earned. When active, the events will appear in the Special Events list by clicking on the Gamma Button (Icon) Gamma Button.png in the top right corner of Wizards' screens.

Entering Beastmoon Events

This menu allows Wizards to queue up and enter the event.

To enter the active Beastmoon event, Wizards must click the Gamma Button, then select the event banner to join a match. Clicking "Join Match" will add Wizards to a matchmaking queue until a lobby fills up, where they will then be able to teleport to their Beasthall when they're ready.

Wizards will enter their Beasthall at the start of the match, where they will choose the Beast Form that they wish to use and buy Battle Cards from Actaeon before the match starts (see more below). After a minute to prepare, the teleporters to the event area will open, and the match begins.

Beast Forms

Inside the Beasthalls, Wizards can find 10 statues which will grant them unique Polymorphs called "Beast Forms", which will last for the duration of the match. These Beast Forms grant Wizards various stats, including varying amounts of Health, movement speeds, the amount of Pips that a Wizard can start a duel with, and different Spell decks. Each Beast Form fulfills a different role, so each team must plan accordingly to diversify their capabilities. While only one of each Beast Form type can be used on each team at a time, Wizards may change which Beast Form they are using at any time during the match by returning to their Beasthall.

Visit the page dedicated to Beast Forms for more general information and for information specific to each individual Beast Form.

Battle Cards and Coins

Battle Cards are colored differently than normal Treasure Cards, having a turquoise-like hue instead of their typical golden-yellow.

Along with the Spells that are normally included in Beast Form's decks, event-exclusive Treasure Cards called "Battle Cards" are available to use. Each Beast Form is allowed different kinds of Battle Cards, determined by the Spells that are normally available in each Beast Form's deck. These Battle Cards can be purchased in each team's Beasthall from an eagle named Actaeon for an event currency called "Coin" (Icon) Coin.png. Battle Cards' cost depend on their rank; Rank 0 & 1 Battle Cards cost 5 Coins, Rank 2 & 3 Battle Cards cost 10 Coins, and Rank 4, 5, & 6 Battle Cards cost 15 Coins. Wizards can carry 100 Coins at a time, which carry over multiple Beastmoon Hunt matches. Inside the event, Wizards can also find Beastmoon Chests during Beastmoon Hunt and Coin Clams during Beastmoon Monster Mayhem, which contain Coins and Battle Cards that are available to all Beast Forms.

Gameplay Rules

These urns can restore Wizards' Health.

Combat inside of the Beastmoon event area has a few of its own rules that differ from the rest of the Spiral. There are various dueling circles called Battle Rings inside of the event, and each one has its own limit on the amount of combatants. While dueling, combatants' turns are not determined by the standard clockwise rotation. Instead, the side which goes first alternates at the end of every Round. That's not where the differences end, though: in Beastmoon, the turn order follows a sort of zigzag pattern, where combatants taking an even-numbered turn go after the opponent across from them takes a turn. For example, in a 4v4 duel, the turn order would go to those in the following spots: Sun, Dagger, Eye, Key, Star, Gem, Moon, and Spiral. For the next Round, the order would swap to Dagger, Sun, Key, Eye, Gem, Star, Spiral, and Moon. The turn order would then go back to the first list, and so on until the duel ends.

Schools' Spells have different effectiveness against each other in Beastmoon compared to the rest of the Spiral. This diagram can be found in the top left corner of the screen for reference at any time.

School damage boosts also apply differently: Fire deals bonus damage against Ice, Ice against Storm, Storm against Fire, Death against Life, Life against Myth, and Myth against Death; Balance does not deal bonus damage against nor receive bonus damage from other Schools in Beastmoon events. This bonus will add an extra 25 damage to Spells. If a Wizard flees or is defeated, then they are sent back to their Beasthall and must wait 30 seconds before they can teleport back to the action.

A Pip Wisp (left) and Swift Wisp (right) found inside of the Monster Mayhem Battlegrounds.

While there are no Health Wisps in the event, there are urns that appear around the map which will restore the Health of any Wizard that collects them. There are wisps that can be found around the area, however! Pip Wisps, which are white in color, surround the arena and can be collected by Wizards using certain Beast Forms. The amount of Pip Wisps that a Wizard is allowed to collect relates to the maximum amount that their Beast Form allows, and each one they collect will grant them an additional starting Pip once they engage in a duel; note that some Beast Forms do not allow for any bonus Pips, and so Wizards using such Beast Forms cannot collect Pip Wisps. In Monster Mayhem events (see below), Wizards may also encounter green-colored Wisps called Swift Wisps, which will grant a temporary but significant boost to a Wizard's movement speed if collected.

In the right-hand corner of Wizards' screens, a mini-map of the area that their match is taking place in will be present. There, they can see their and their teammates' locations around the map, color-coded dots which translate to various teleporters around the map and where they connect to, and School symbols which represent the School and location of any monsters that are around the map.


The rewards for Beastmoon events are plenty! As mentioned above, participating in Beastmoon matches will earn Points for Wizards' Scrolls of Fortune, with the capacity to contribute an unlimited number of Points for as long as the event is active. Those Points will also apply to the active Beastmoon's own Point reward system, with a new reward unlocking once a certain threshold is achieved. Rewards from the Beastmoon Points rewards system include items that can be used to unlock additional rewards, and Gold. In addition, there are more than 100 Badges that Wizards can earn from Beastmoon!

Along with some Gold, Wizards will receive Lunari (Icon) Lunari.png for participating in Beastmoon events, which is used to purchase Recipes from Actaeon (see more below) and to both permanently and temporarily upgrade Beast Forms. Lunari is also available from certain milestones in the Scroll of Fortune.


Beastmoon allows access to the first kind of craftable Seeds: Beastmoon Seeds. Wizards can receive standard Beastmoon Seeds as rewards for matches, and can craft more kinds of Moon Seeds by using various Moonstones. Beastmoon Seeds grow significantly faster than other Seeds found in the Spiral, but require special Beastmoon Planters to grow in, which are obtained as match rewards. Beastmoon Seeds can be grown ever quicker with special Gardening Treasure Cards that are also obtained from end-of-match rewards. Harvesting Beastmoon Seeds will grant Wizards Treasure Cards and many event-related Reagents, enabling Wizards to craft more Beastmoon Seeds, gear, and upgrade their Beast Forms faster.

(House) Beastmoon Seed.png (Treasure Card) Hasty Harvest 1.png (House) Beastmoon Planter.png


There are several types of Reagents that are related to Beastmoon. Moonstones are used to craft Beastmoon Seeds and to temporarily upgrade a Beast Form's Level. Threads are used in the Hat, Robe, and Boot Recipes that are sold by Actaeon, which are obtainable as end-of-match while Beastmoon Needles are only used in the Hat and Boot Recipes. Beastmoon Idols are used to permanently upgrade the Tier of Beast Forms, and to temporarily increase them to their maximum Level. These Reagents are obtainable as end-of-match rewards, from harvesting Moon Seeds, and as rewards for certain Scroll of Fortune and Beastmoon point rewards tiers. Special Gold Beastmoon Idols, which are only available through certain Scroll of Fortune point reward tiers and limited-time Transmutation Recipes, can be used to permanently unlock Beast Forms for use. Moongold Dust, which is obtainable from certain Beastmoon point rewards tiers and from Bosses in Beastmoon Monster Mayhem events, can be used in the aforementioned Transmutation Recipes along with regular Beastmoon Idols at the event-exclusive Beastmoon Crafting Station.

(Reagent) Hunter's Moonstone.png (Reagent) Eldritch Thread.png (Reagent) Beastmoon Needle.png (Reagent) Colossus Idol (Ice).png (Reagent) Colossus Gold Idol (Ice).png (Reagent) Moongold Dust.png

In addition to the Reagents specific to Beastmoon events, Wizards can also acquire Rune Reagents, which are helpful in the Deckathalon events that occur in the Wizard City Library from time to time.


Actaeon serves Wizards in numerous ways during Beastmoon events.

At the front and on the left side of the Wizard City Arena, Actaeon can always be found vending Beastmoon-related Recipes, regardless of whether an event is active or not. Wizards can use their hard-earned Lunari to purchase Recipes for Moon Seeds & Moonstone Transmutations, both of which will give Wizards an edge in collecting more rewards, or gear that lets them show off their dedication to Beastmoon outside of the event. The gear is solely cosmetic and does not provide any gameplay benefits, but still require commitment and perseverance to craft. There are four Hats, Robes, and pairs of Boots associated with each primary School of Magic, and the Recipes for each School build upon each other, with the lesser pieces of gear for each School and clothing type being required for the next level Recipe.

(Item) Brisk Beastmoon Plate Male.png (Item) Icy Beastmoon Plate Female.png (Item) Wintry Beastmoon Plate Male.png (Item) Boreas' Beastmoon Plate Female.png

Beastmoon Hunt

The Beastmoon Hunt is the first kind of Beastmoon event that was released by KingsIsle. In it, teams of four to six Wizards team up in a PvP setting in a contest to control various territories across the map. Defeating enemy players accrues points for the victors, and controlling a larger amount of zones earns teams even more. The first team to 100 points wins! For more information about this type of event, check out the Beastmoon Hunt page.

Beastmoon Monster Mayhem

Beastmoon Monster Mayhem is a PvE-styled event where teams of four to six Wizards group together to tackle waves of enemy monsters while racing against the clock. Defeating lesser monsters reveals the Boss at the center of the map, and defeating the Boss before the timer hits zero allows Wizards to move onto the next phase. If Wizards are able to clear all three of the progressively more difficult phases before the clock runs out, then they win! For more information about this type of event, check out the Beastmoon Monster Mayhem page.

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