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Basic:Basic Gameplay

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(Basic) Merle.gif

Navigating Around the Game

Basic Movement

To move your wizard through the world of Wizard101, you will have to learn a few moves.

  • ‘W’ or Up Arrow – Move forward
  • ‘A’ or Left Arrow – Turn left
  • ‘D’ or Right Arrow – Turn right
  • ‘S’ or Down Arrow – Move back
  • Space Bar - Jump
  • Home - Teleport Home
  • End - Teleport to the current world's hub.

You can also move forward by pushing down both mouse buttons at the same time, then directing your Wizard with your mouse.

(Basic) Arrow Keys.png

Keyboard Shortcuts

Some things can be done with a simple press of a key. Here are all the Keyboard Shortcuts for Wizard101.

Keyboard Shortcuts

  • A -- Move Left
  • B -- Open/Close Backpack
  • C -- Open/Close Character Screen
  • D -- Move Right
  • F -- Open/Close Friends Panel
  • G -- Open/Close Gardening Panel
  • H -- Open/Close House Decorating Panel
  • I -- Open/Close Pets Panel
  • J -- Open/Close Crafting Panel
  • L -- Open/Close PvP Panel while in Line for PvP
  • M -- Open/Close Map
  • N -- Turn On/Off Navigation Bubbles
  • O -- Open/Close Open Chat Window
  • P -- Open/Close Card Pack
  • Q -- Open/Close Quest Journal
  • R -- Reply in Chat
  • S -- Move Backwards
  • U -- Open/Close Housing Inventory
  • W -- Move Forwards
  • X -- Interact

More Keyboard Shortcuts

  • Up Arrow -- Move Forwards
  • Left Arrow -- Move Left
  • Right Arrow -- Move Right
  • Down Arrow -- Move Backwards
  • Num Lock -- Autorun
  • Esc -- Open/Close Options Panel
  • Enter -- Start Text Chat
  • Space -- Jump
  • Home -- Go to your Home
  • End -- Go to the Common Area for current World
  • Page Down -- Set Marker
  • Page Up -- Recall to Marker
  • Prnt Scrn -- Save Screenshot
  • Alt-F4 -- Exit Wizard101
  • Alt-Enter -- Turn on/off Fullscreen
  • Ctrl-G -- Turn on/off Screen Icons
  • Ctrl-K -- Swap Card Decks when not in a Duel
  • Ctrl-M -- Open Realms Section
  • Ctrl-O -- Use Potion when not in a Duel
  • Ctrl-R -- Autorun
  • Ctrl-S -- Open Shop
  • Ctrl-T -- Turn On/Off Quest Tracker *updated*
  • Shift-M -- Open/Close World Map
  • Ctrl-Shift-N -- Show/Hide Name Tags
  • Ctrl-Shift-Q -- Set Quest Helper to Nearest Quest

Navigation Aids


As you journey through the magical worlds and fantastic places of The Spiral, you may need some help locating things. Thankfully, you have your trusty compass and your personal map.

Compass: If you click on the compass in the bottom right corner of the screen (see image to left), you will be directed to any and all important structures in the area.

Map: If you prefer a more planned out travel style, by pressing M you can open your spellbook map for any Location you are in.

Quest Helper: Additionally, most Quests provide a helper arrow which shows you which way to go for your next Quest goal. Just click on the Quest on your Quest page in your spellbook to select which Quest you want giving you the Helper arrow. Note that some Quests do not arrow help, and the game will tell you if you attempt to select one of these Quests.
Note: If this isn't working, go in to "Options" in your spellbook (press Esc) and select Gameplay Options (the joystick in the middle). Make sure that your Quest Helper is set to on.

World Hubs

The initial starting area and safe zone of each World are called Hubs. You can teleport to these Hubs by pressing "End" on your keyboard or by pressing the "Teleport to [Name of Hub]" button right below the compass.

World Hubs:


Teleportation Sequence

There are several different ways Wizards can teleport around the Spiral to save time!

  • Go Home - teleport to your Dorm Room or you currently equipped Castle. (If you teleport home from an equipped Castle, you will go to your Dorm Room).
  • Go to the Hub of the current World.
  • Teleport to Marked Location - set a "Mark" by using the Page Down (PgDn)key, or using the "Mark Location" button next to your Compass. This will use 20% of your Mana but will leave a magical beacon which you can teleport back to at any time! To return to your Mark, press the PgUp key, or the "Teleport to..." button next to your Compass.
    • There is a 30 second delay after every teleportation listed above.
  • Teleport to Dungeon (Recall) - teleport back to a Dungeon using the dungeon teleport button next to your Compass. As long as you don't log out, wait 30 minutes, leave the dungeon via entrance, or going into another dungeon, you will be able to teleport.
  • Go To Location of a Friend - (only if their settings currently accept teleports and they aren't in a no-teleport area).
  • Basic: Teleport Stones
    • Worlds without Teleport Stones include: Wizard City, Wysteria, and Krokotopia.



In Wizard101, you will complete Quests for Non-Player Characters or NPCs that often involve turn-based duels using virtual card decks.

Simply put, dueling involves choosing a spell card from your deck and playing it in a battle against Creatures. Each card has certain effects. At early levels, these are mainly damage to the Creature you are fighting (sometimes generically referred to as a "mob"). For example, you might play a card that does 80-120 points of damage.

As you progress through the game you will acquire more cards and larger decks, including cards with abilities other than damage -- Healing Spells, Charms, Wards, Auras, Manipulations, Mutations, Polymorphs and so on. Special schools of magic will also become available such as Star, Sun, Moon, and Shadow Magic.

Starting a duel is easy. Simply walk close enough to a Creature and you will automatically be pulled into a duel circle to begin battle.

Healing Manipulation Charm Mutation Ward Polymorph Aura
Healing Manipulation Charm Mutate Ward Polymorph Aura


Combat Example.png

Combat is turn based, alternating between your side and the Creatures (or opponents in Player vs Player). Each turn you generate one "pip," and each spell requires a certain number of pips to cast. (At early levels, most spells required only zero, one, or two pips.) Rank 1 spells cost one pip, rank 2 spells cost 2 pips, rank 3 spells cost 3 pips, and so on.

Thus you can choose to cast a zero-pip spell such as a shield, so you will have two pips to spend in the next round, enabling you to cast a more powerful spell. After you get your character to level 10, you will be able to get power pips. Power pips are worth two pips, but only for the spells that are within your school. The front page of your spellbook you the percentage chance for you to get a power pip. You can raise this percentage by gaining character levels or by equipping certain items.

Note: If you equipped a mastery amulet or exalted amulet, power pips will work for the school specified.

To win a duel, you need to take all enemies’ health points down to zero.

On rare occasions, the battle will end on different standards. (Ex: Defeating all minions of Malistaire the Undying)

You do this by casting damage spells in your hand on the enemy. Be careful to make sure your health points don’t go down to zero, though, because you will lose the duel and be transported back to the Commons of the World you are currently in. The Commons is the safe starting area of each world: Wizard City has, appropriately, The Commons, Krokotopia has The Oasis, Marleybone has Regent's Square, MooShu has the Jade Palace, Dragonspyre has The Basilica, Grizzleheim has Northguard, Celestia has Celestia Base Camp, Wysteria has Pigswick Academy, Zafaria has Baobab Crossroads, Avalon has Caliburn, Azteca has The Zocalo, Khrysalis has Bastion, Polaris has Walruskberg, Mirage has Caravan, and Empyrea has Aeriel Shores. Each duel you start with a reshuffled deck of cards. (To manually reshuffle your spell deck, use the spell Reshuffle)

If you win the duel, you may receive experience and other rewards.

Team Up!

Team Up is a way of getting help on Boss battles and dungeons. Here's how to do it:

  • Go up to the place you're about to enter. If it has a lit-up sigil, then
  • Click the Team Up! button. You should see your Wizard's name below your School symbol.
  • Once someone else joins your team, you'll hear a ding.
  • A 2-minute timer will begin, giving time for any other Wizards to join.
  • Once the timer runs out, or your team has the maximum amount of Wizards allowed (4), you and your team will be transported inside.

If you want to help another Wizard on their Quest, try the Join A Team kiosk in Olde Town right outside the Wizard City Bazaar. From there, you will be able to join any team,as long as you have unlocked the area where the Boss battle or dungeon takes place.


The following description is courtesy of the KingsIsle Wizard101 website:
Throughout your travels, you will encounter various opportunities to obtain badges. Badges are recognitions that you have completed difficult and arduous tasks. Badge tasks often include defeating a large number of the same kind of monster, defeating towers, completing Crafting assignments, or helping protect an organization.

You can look at what badges you have, the badges you have discovered, and your progress for each badge on your Character Screen by pushing "C". You can also choose a badge to display as your title on your name plate, or choose ‘No Title’ and have the default title display. The default title consists of two parts. The first is your level status and the second is the kind of wizard you are based on your school.

(Icon) Badge.png This is the Badge tab icon and can be found at the top of the Character screen.

  • Here, you can look at what Badges you have, the Badges you have discovered, and your progress for each Badge.
  • Clicking on a Badge will highlight it on your list and display it as your title on your name plate, allowing other players to see your Badge.
  • The "No Title" line at the top of your first page of Badges will show your level status and the kind of wizard you are based on your school.
    This is the Badge, or Title you start the game with. (See Titles to see the list of titles you will display using the 'No Title' option).

Experience and Advancement

Experience Acquired/Experience Needed

To advance in the game, you will need to complete quests and gain levels. The good thing is that these two usually go hand in hand. Every time you turn in a quest or you defeat monsters in battle, you will gain experience points. A certain amount of experience points is needed to progress to the next level, and this amount will increase with every level you gain.

You can track your experience from the experience bar on the bottom center of the screen, or from your Character screen by pushing ‘C’. As you gain more levels, you will be granted access to more spells in your school. Also, you can get spells from other schools by earning training points by doing certain quests or by leveling up.

Experience Bar

There are two potions that increase experience gain.

When you reach maximum level, you will not gain any more experience until Wizard101 releases more levels through the Game Updates {announced on the Wizard101 website). You will not regain the experience you gained before the update. You will start at your current level.

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