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Basic:Basic Game Information

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The Basic Pages provide general information about Wizard 101, and what the game is all about. The rest of the wiki can be used to look up Locations, Quests, Spells, Items, Creatures, and other useful information.

For a full list, see the Basic Game Information Category.

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Playing the Game

Basic:Creating a Character (Basic) Gamma.gif
Creating a Character

After Creating an Account, Headmaster
Merle Ambrose will guide players
through creating their first
Wizard character.

Basic:Health, Mana, and Energy (Icon) Health.png
Health, Mana, & Energy

Health, Mana, and Energy are
displayed at all times on the
bottom left of the screen in globes
with numbers on them.

Basic:Spells (Icon) Deck.png

Basic Spell information.

Basic:Quests Quest.gif

Wizard101 Quest information.

Basic:Level Chart (Icon) XP.png
Level Chart

Displays stat increases
at each Level Up.

Basic:Friends (Icon) Friends.png

To make new friends, click on a
player in the game. A panel
will open and you can click
'Add to Friends'.

Basic:Items (Icon) Robe.png

Equipment consists of the following:
Clothing (Hat, Robe, Boots), Wand,
Athame, Amulet, Ring, Deck, and Pet.

Basic:Badges (Icon) Badge.png

Badges are recognitions that
Wizards have completed difficult
and arduous tasks.

Basic:Basic Gameplay (Basic) Spellbook.gif
Basic Gameplay

Wizard101 Basic Gameplay guide.


Location:School of Storm (Icon) Storm Alternate 2.png

The Storm School will train its
student Wizards to do a lot of damage.

Location:School of Fire (Icon) Fire Alternate 2.png

The Fire School will train its student
Wizards to do damage over time.

Location:School of Ice (Icon) Ice Alternate 2.png

The Ice School will train its student
Wizards to take high amounts of
damage and survive.

Location:School of Balance (Icon) Balance Alternate 2.png

The Balance School will train its student
Wizards to be effective in group play.

Location:School of Death (Icon) Death Alternate 2.png

The Death School will train its student
Wizards to steal and support themselves.

Location:School of Life (Icon) Life Alternate 2.png

The Life School will train its student
Wizards to heal themselves and other

Location:School of Myth (Icon) Myth Alternate 2.png

The Myth School will train its student
Wizards to summon minions.

Other Schools

Basic:Astral Schools (Icon) Sun.png
Astral Schools

Astral Schools include the Moon,
Star, and Sun School. Introduced
in Celestia, these schools focus around
Auras, Enchantments, and Polymorphs.

Basic:Shadow School (Icon) Shadow.png
Shadow School

The Shadow School is first introduced
when Wizards saves Elana DarkSun
in the Eclipse Tower. Shadow Magic
was forbidden for it touches the true
essence of the Spiral.


Basic:Crafting (Icon) Crafting.png

Crafting is the process of converting
Reagents, Treasure Cards, and/or Items
into new Reagents,Treasure Cards, Gear,
Housing Items or Spells.

Basic:Gardening (Icon) Gardening.png

Gardening allows Wizards to grow
magical plants from all around the Spiral.

Basic:Fishing (Icon) Fishing.png

Fishing allows Wizards to magically fish
from the many sources of water
throughout the Spiral.

Basic:Castle Magic (Icon) Castle Magic.png
Castle Magic

Castle Magic allows Wizards to decorate
their Castles and homes like never
before through the use of Magical Items
and Treasure Cards.

Basic:Monstrology (Icon) Monstrology.png

Monstrology allows Wizards to extract
animus from Creatures to make special
items related to them in the Spiral.

Basic:Minigames (Basic) Mini-Game Symbol.png

Mini-Games serve a variety of uses in


Category:Mounts (Icon) Mount.png

Index of all Wizard101 Mounts.

Basic:Pets (Icon) Pet.png

Basic Information on Pets.

Basic:Jewel Socketing (Icon) Jewel.png
Jewel Socketing

Jewels are magical items that can be
affixed to Wizards' Amulets,
Athames, Rings, and even Decks.

Basic:Crowns (Icon) Crown Bag.png

Crowns are an extra type of currency in
Wizard101 that players can buy from the
official Wizard101 web site.

Basic:Area Pricing (Icon) Crown.png
Area Pricing

Pricing for areas within Wizard101.

Locator Tables

Basic:PetLocatorTable (Icon) Pet.png
Pet Locator Table

Displays the Pet's Pedigree, School,
Egg, Item Card, and Source.

Basic:FishLocatorTable (Icon) Fishing.png
Fish Locator Table

Displays the Fish School, Rank, Rarity,
Aquarium, and Locations it's found in.

Basic:MonstrologicalCreatureLocatorTable (Icon) Monstrology.png
Monstrological Creature
Locator Table

Displays the Class, School, and Rank
of Monstrological Creatures and
Worlds they are located in.

Basic:JewelSummaryTable (Icon) Jewel Alternate.png
Jewel Summary Table

Displays the Jewel's Level, School,
Socket, Effect, and Source.

Basic:PetJewelSummaryTable (Icon) Jewel.png
Pet Jewel Summary Table

Displays the Jewel's Level, School,
Socket, Effect, and Source.

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