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"Explore Wallaru Now!" on the Live Realm

Nov 27, 2023 - 1:45 PM - by AluraMist
From the Wizard101 social media sites and website:

Name:  z1 Wallaru.png
Views: 1050
Size:  28.2 KB

Explore Wallaru Now!

"Seize the Dream! The newest update includes a wild Walkabout in Wallaru, new school spells, level 170, and so much more! See the Update »"

Name:  z Wallaru.png
Views: 1023
Size:  138.3 KB

"Pack your things and explore the world of Wallaru! From Eucalyptus Forest to the Wobbegong Territory, the mysterious world is home to koalas, kangaroos, wallabys, and wombats. Inspired by Australia at the turn of the 20th century, Wallaru is the land of the Outback, where inspiration awaits those who can reach and become one with The Dreaming.

You begin the tour of Wallaru in Hope Springs and then move into the Outback, seeking the fabled Dreaming while engaging in adventurous quests all along the way. Can you ease tensions between the local factions and open the way to The Dreaming? Will the answers they find there bring peace to the living world of Novus before the Spiral goes to war? Or will a lurking evil turn the dream into a nightmare?

Exploring the world of Wallaru is just the beginning - there is also the extravagant new Guild Musuem for you and your friends to fill up. In addition, there are new spells, pvp changes, and fresh updates to Beastmoon events!

Have a look at the update notes below and then once officially announced on social media, you can log in to check it all out! ... "

See the complete Wallaru Game Update here.

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"KI Live, Nov. 30th, 4pm CST/10pm UTC"

Nov 16, 2023 - 10:08 PM - by AluraMist
From the Wizard101 and KI Live social media sites:

KI Live

Name:  KI Live.jpg
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Size:  13.1 KB

"KI Live begins on November 30th at 4pm CST | 10pm UTC !

Join us to discuss Wallaru, the state of the games, and your questions!"

You can watch the Livestream here:

Name:  Ask KI.png
Views: 3939
Size:  118.2 KB

"You've got questions and we've got answers!

Reply with a Wizard101 or Pirate101 question and we'll select some to present on this month's KI Live show!"

For those who do not have access to the other sites, post your Wizard101 or Pirate101 question on this Central Forum thread.

@Sparck @Eric Stormbringer @Kyle IceWielder --- for your information.
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KI Live Video, Oct. 26, 2023

Nov 02, 2023 - 7:57 AM - by AluraMist
*Update* Nov. 2, 2023, 10:15pm

The KI Live Video from Oct. 26th, 2023 was posted tonight. From the KingsIsle social media site:

KI Live: It's Spooky Season!

Thanks for tuning into October's KI Live! In this show, we did the usual State of the Games segment, answered community questions, celebrated Halloween, and had Karl and Sam share a lot more info on Wallaru!

Missed the livestream? No worries! As of this video going live, we've included 1,000 additional redemptions to the codes below. Once they are gone though, they are gone! To redeem, type the code into the website 'Redeem Card or Code' box after logging into your account:

Code: SUPERFANS1023 to get 1x KI LIVE Snack Pack in W101 & P101 for NA servers, 1x Super Terror’s Hoard Pack in W101 for NA & EU, 1x Super Pirate Nightmare Pack in P101, and 1x Superfan Outfit piece per game (chance between the three possible pieces)

If you've redeemed the codes from previous KI Live shows, then you are already set.

The other codes mentioned on the show were for the Livestream period ONLY. If you want to redeem future KI Live codes of this type, you have to watch the Livestream.

For all prize awards, please allow us a few days to award them.
(Prizes are your choice of 2,500 Crowns or a two-week Membership.)

Thanks community for hanging out with us!


My original post, dated 11-2-23, 7:57:29 AM:
I have been checking and I did not see the KI Live Video for Oct. 26, 2023 posted yet. I am not sure if it will be posted this month, because of the sound problems and issue with the "KI Live Codes" being broken. The Codes did not work at all during the KI Live session that day, and KI said that they would be fixed.

Usually, when the KI Live Video is posted, KI posts 'an additional 1,000 codes' to be redeemed after the Live session.

I still have not seen any official Announcement about the status of the KI Live Codes from Oct. 26, 2023.

On this post about the KI Live Codes from Oct. 26, we did find that eventually one of the Codes did work (on Oct. 30th).

I don't know if it is still working. We found that the Code for the one-day Mounts did not work, but the second Code did work.

SPOOKYSPIDERS1023 - A one-day Mount (Not working)

SUPERFANS1023 - Super Packs and KI Live Snack Packs, and one random piece of Superfan gear. (Did work on Oct. 30th)

@Sparck @Eric Stormbringer @Kyle IceWielder --- did we miss any post/announcement about the Video or the Codes?

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"Monthly Event Calendar" thru Nov. 30th

Oct 25, 2023 - 9:34 PM - by AluraMist
From the Wizard101 social media sites and website:

Name:  zz Event Calendar Updated.jpg
Views: 10771
Size:  15.7 KB

The Event Calendar has been updated!

Spiral Scene is currently in the spotlight with Pet Promenade coming up on October 31st!

Name:  zz2 Banner.png
Views: 10621
Size:  31.9 KB

Welcome to the Monthly Event Calendar!

Ever wonder what events are coming up in the Spiral? This page will keep you up to date on everything you can look forward to and prepare for in the month ahead. Remember, participating in events can yield fantastic rewards and badges. Take part in them all!

Event dates are subject to change without notice. Do check back here regularly! Benefits like Double Pet XP are a different type of feature and will not be listed here. For the EU schedule, which is different, please visit the EU Wizard101 website!

Visit the Discussion Forums to chat about these events, and check the Community News section for events by the community!

Name:  z1 Scroll.png
Views: 10468
Size:  75.5 KB
Fall Scroll of Fortune!
Event Runs Through November 30th

The Fall Scroll of Fortune is back! What would you say about getting extra rewards for participating in events like the Spiral Showcase, Deckathalons, Beastmoon Hunt, Pet Promenade, and Beastmoon Monster Mayhem?

Participating in those events earns you points towards your Scroll of Fortune. All Wizards can unlock free rewards with these points; however, there are additional exclusive rewards for players that purchase the scroll.

Special summer-themed rewards include the new Grrrrrrr! Emote, Gravedigger's Outfit, Grave Escape Teleport Effect, Ghoul Grave Housing Item, Ghoulish Shovel Mount, and more!

For EU players, the Scroll of Fortune will be different. Visit the EU Wizard101 website to learn more!

Name:  z2 spiral.png
Views: 10359
Size:  107.1 KB
Spiral Scene
October 24-30th

Go ahead, make a scene! During the new Spiral Scene event, you can earn terrific rewards by rating castle tour houses, visiting top houses, completing daily assignments, and more! Earning points in the Spiral Scene will also earn you points towards your Scroll of Fortune progress for even more rewards.

Name:  z3 Pet Promenade.png
Views: 10311
Size:  100.1 KB
Pet Promenade
October 31st - November 6th

Your pets want to have fun too! The Pet Promenade rewards you for interacting with your pets by doing things such as winning pet games, feeding them snacks, and more! Reaching the end of the progress bar yields a random pet jewel.

Name:  z4 Beastmoon Hunt.png
Views: 10218
Size:  106.7 KB
Beastmoon Hunt - Mirage
November 7-13th

Unleash your inner beast! Don a beast form, team up with allies, and battle other wizards in an attempt to capture points and control the Mirage map. Earn incredible rewards like Gold Beastmoon Idols, Lunari, Beastmoon Seeds, and much more in the process!

Play anytime during the event! Here are some suggested playtimes where you may see more players available: TUE-FRI @ 4pm CT, SAT @ 11am CT, SUN @ 8pm CT, MON @ 11am CT.

Name:  z5 Life Deckathalon.png
Views: 10196
Size:  100.9 KB
Life Deckathalon
November 14-20th

Do you have what it takes to ace the lively test that awaits you? Battle your way through the Life Deckathalon tower to test your TC-slinging skills, rise up the leaderboard ranks, and win exclusive prizes like the Life Class Pet! Professor Wu is waiting at the top as well...

Name:  z6 Beastmoon Monster Mayhem.png
Views: 10183
Size:  97.5 KB
Beastmoon Monster Mayhem - Celestia
November 21-27th

A little mischief and mayhem never hurt anyone...except the bad guys! Unlike the Beastmoon Hunt, Beastmoon Monster Mayhem is a PvE event – meaning that you won’t be playing against other players. Instead, your enemy is the clock and waves and waves of monsters!

There’s a lot to discover about the Beastmoon Monster Mayhem Event! To learn more, speak to Artemis New Moon in the arena while the event is live.

Future event dates will be announced as previous events rotate out of the schedule. Keep watch for the latest additions!
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