Epic Wizard101 1v1 PVP

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Added by: BlazeSky, 5-5-14
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My first video! I beat a lvl 100 Warlord Ice

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5-15-14, 8:13:19 AM #413
Jasmine FireBlade    
Jasmine FireBlade

Hey, stop being rude, guys, its not cool.

And georgehc2203, that is completely your opinion.

5-15-14, 2:52:13 AM #412

that ice wasnt very good my lvl 80 could beat him how is he even a warlord?

5-6-14, 10:44:53 PM #411
Super Saiyan    
Super Saiyan

oh brothers I can do better then that!

5-5-14, 6:49:24 PM #410

My Channel on youtube is BlazeSkyHammer


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