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  Champion (125) Balance PvP Guide | BECOME A WARLORD!...
Hey guys! Cash Dawg bringing you a level 125 balance PvP guide! I spend many hours researching and observing the BEST gear, strategies, and cards for pvp. Maybe you got a few laughs too. Here is what I found! Please leave a like, comment, and subscribe. Also, feel free to follow me on my social medi...

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Added by: Pepper786927

  Ranked Champion Balance PvP 1 | BEATING A WARLORD?!?...
Hey guys! Cash Dawg bringing you some ranked balance PvP today. We beat a WARLORD on our first match up, and then followed it up with another win against a knigt. Hopefully this videos gives some insight on what spells to use and how to use utilize certain strategies... and hopefully you had a laugh...

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Added by: Pepper786927

  Wizard101 : Practice PVP - Episode 1 (Read Des)...
Hello everyone! Once again, I did not talk in this video. It was because other people were down here with me and making noises. I had fun doing this pvp, and I hope I didn't bore you. It was me against a journeyman storm. He was actually pretty good and I give him props for that!...

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Added by: Erin Iceheart

The most unique ice in the arena, if you're tired of ices who just bladestack and lord of winter/snow angel, i'm your guy....

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Added by: Mastermooka13

  Adventures in Double Myth: Exalted on Training Wheels (Part ...
Donna and Brandon took off to 2v2 land where they continue to climb up the ranks at top level. We're playing with hard hitter and a half-jade at the moment. Here is a couple of duels against a double hitting Death and Storm team we met on the road. Key lesson here: DO take the Death very seriously. ...

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  Wizard101 PvP: Jr. Head of Class Ice Finals...
Hey everyone! Sorry it's been a while since I've uploaded anything. Gonna kick off the new year with some fresh material and a brand new tournament winner in Central pvp tournaments. This video includes rounds 1-3 of the finals. Great job both guys and congrats Malvin!...

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Added by: CelestialMoon

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Wizard101 Central Contest Winner - February, 2011
The winner is chosen for the $20.00 Wizard101 Gift Card Contest...
Added by: Jester
Wizard101 - PvP


Minions Perform Y.M.C.A
My Favourite Musical Number from the Minions!...
Added by: Sheldon Cooper
  Wizard Weekly - Episode 34
Hey there everyone!Not much in the news today, just a few sticky tidbits before we breeze on into the Death Chamber of Scarlet Emeraldweaver to unwind a bit before setting out for an adventure in Blane Spiritswords Lost Marleybone Expedition. We chatter about the bosses of the past, stats on the gea...
Added by: Jester

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