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The Raven Age - Fleur de lis (...
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Wizard101 - Spiral Cup Gauntle...
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Manafest - Human...
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Choose Your Pirate! Pirate101 ...
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Do You Hear What I Hear-Carrie...
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Category: Wizard101 - PvP
  Magus 2v2: Going Gearless | Alex & Ryan...
Magus fun times with friends - gearless style! Pip fails, kill shot fizzles and noobness galore. Here is Ryan (Balance) and Alex (Death) climbing up the ranks at L30....

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  Team Stormy Knights | Break Out #8: 2500 Plateau...
The hike upwards has never been more competitive! After some rather aggressive "tug of war" goings for the past week or so Sean and Jordan finally break through the 2,500 ranks. We provide this double feature video with the 1st game a 1/1 double Ice encounter and the 2nd as our breakout match.Edit: ...

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  2v2 Archmage Balance Death vs Promethean Arch Ice Road to Wa...
Episode from wizarena's Road to Warlord series on 2v2 Archmage Balance Death. Details on this thread: http://www.wizard101central.co m/forums/showthread.php?410184-Balance-Death-Revisited-at-Level-80...

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  Team Stormy Knights | Break Out #6: "The Jade Charade"...
Grindiest. Match. Ever. This will be our first go against Exalted Jade - Jordan's new Death training immediately proving useful. Over an hour and fifteen minutes of dispelling, infecting, punching brick walls, groaning and some tiny bit amount of bloodshed (hard squinting required).All Stormy Knight...

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  Team Stormy Knights | Break Out #3: "Balance Achieved"...
More double school trouble. Closing in on the 2400 rank level we start to see these solid L76 warlord teams, a huge step up in the game from our usual Legendary (L66) challengers. This one against the 2x Balance I enjoyed in particular, having played lots of very good Grandmaster folks while climbin...

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  Archmage Balance Death vs Promethean Archmage Ice Road to Wa...
from wizarena playlist: Balance Death Archmage Road to Commander Notes at: http://www.wizard101central.co m/forums/showthread.php?410184-Balance-Death-Revisited-at-Level-80/...

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Wizard101 Central Contest Winner - February, 2011
The winner is chosen for the $20.00 Wizard101 Gift Card Contest...
Added by: Jester
  Wizard Weekly 2 - Episode 1
Welcome to the very first...NEW WIZARD WEEKLY! Where we bring you news and humor from around the spiral! This week, we talk about the BOAT LOADS of updates in Wizard101, some news from PVPCentral, explore a nice house, and read some questions...the regular ;D Thanks for tuning in, and I hope to se...
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Wizard Weekly - Episode 34
Hey there everyone!Not much in the news today, just a few sticky tidbits before we breeze on into the Death Chamber of Scarlet Emeraldweaver to unwind a bit before setting out for an adventure in Blane Spiritswords Lost Marleybone Expedition. We chatter about the bosses of the past, stats on the gea...
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  Haunted Fun House
Paige MoonShade's Haunted Fun HouseI do not own this song. No Copyright Infringement intended....
Added by: Paige MoonShade


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