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Demon Hunter - Artificial Ligh...
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Human ▪ Wizard101 Music Video...
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Wizard101 - Empyrea Aeriel The...
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Wizard101 Magic Mirror MakeOve...
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Wizard Weekly - Episode 38...
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  Wizard101 The WallFlowers...
Guide on how to get the wallflowers. Found on Youtube....

Views: 236
Added by: Jasmine FireBlade

  Wizard101 Bronze Eagles in Aquila Mount Olympus...
Found on Youtube....

Views: 419
Added by: Jasmine FireBlade

  W101 music video - let her go...
Andrew dragonhearts music video, passenger- let her go...

Views: 357
Added by: lifeguard5

  Wizard101 - Spiral Cup Gauntlet Storm Solo (Lvl 100 5th Tier...
Here is a video of my storm, Michael Stormwraith, soloing the most recent bundle at maximum difficulty, the Spiral Cup Gauntlet. If you're bored and have nothing else to do than hopefully this video can quench your boredom :P Click here to see my new twitter account o: lol http://ay.gy/qJDGN and ...

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Added by: Michael StormWraith

  VictoriaStarHunter Million on Foulgaze!...
I helped Tori score a million against Foulgaze with an epic Wraith treasure card!...

Views: 236
Added by: Air Bear

  Foulgaze PWNED by a 45 damage fire wand!...
Thanks to my friends Jasmine Fireblade and Luke IronFist, we rocked old Foulgaze's tower off its foundation! A million damage! Found on Youtube!...

Views: 323
Added by: Jasmine FireBlade

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Wizard Weekly 2 - Episode 1
Welcome to the very first...NEW WIZARD WEEKLY! Where we bring you news and humor from around the spiral! This week, we talk about the BOAT LOADS of updates in Wizard101, some news from PVPCentral, explore a nice house, and read some questions...the regular ;D Thanks for tuning in, and I hope to se...
Added by: Jester
  Haunted Fun House
Paige MoonShade's Haunted Fun HouseI do not own this song. No Copyright Infringement intended....
Added by: Paige MoonShade
Minions Perform Y.M.C.A
My Favourite Musical Number from the Minions!...
Added by: Sheldon Cooper
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