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      Dylan Windwalker's Avatar
      Dylan Windwalker is online now Transcendent Wizard

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      Do you encounter mean players in PvE?

      I don't. In fact, the majority of players I meet around the Spiral are just chill people just like I am that are either kindly chatting or just quiet. It's been a long long while since I've met somebody in farming or team up that's been overly critical or insulting to their teammates for doing the wrong spells or taking too long to choose their spells. Usually when a player doesn't understand what they're supposed to do, they usually mention it in the chat and people actually respond (or at least I do) and honestly, despite that, their lack of understanding barely hinders the quality of a fight. Maybe players are too desensitized or lack the care to put up an argument with other players. Honestly, I feel like even if there was a toxic player questing with me or in a team up, I'm such an experienced player that players usually don't have a problem with what I'm doing..

      Have you encountered any mean players in PvE?

      What were they like and if it ever escalated, was there ever a solution?
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      Re: Do you encounter mean players in PvE?

      I haven't met any mean people in years. When I first started I met probably less than the fingers on one hand. The majority of people have always been friendly and quite courteous. One player I remember ran up to me and just started calling me all the names he could think of, just getting around the chat filter. I thought it was hilarious and kept encouraging him telling him "comon', you can do better than that, etc". he finally found that he wasn't going to get to me and just left. Another time, a group of of were doing Mt. Olympus and had a bully in the group. We all ignored him and he rage quit on us, which none of us minded, we finished just fine without him. All in all though, like I said, people on here have always been very friendly and helpful.

      In fact, one time I'll never forget, I was needing to do the The Great Spyre, I was alone, but a group came along to go farm the Gutok brothers. That was back when Malistaire had something like 100,000 health points, so no way I could solo him. We chatted a bit and they changed their plans since I was questing and needing the area. They went out of their way to be friendly. These are the types of people I normally run into.

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      Re: Do you encounter mean players in PvE?

      Not recently, but I have in the past. There was this one person I met years ago in The Hatchery named Blaze and we seemed to hit it off with him referring to me as master (we're both Fire & I was higher level than him). Things seemed to be fine for a few weeks and we'd occasionally help each other out. Eventually though his true colors showed:

      *He'd demand I help him with everything, including fights he hadn't even tried yet, and get mad if I didn't. I don't mind helping out but I can't drop everything to help you 24/7, and you might not even need my help if you tried to solo it first.
      *He was rude and disrespectful to my other friends and refused to stop despite me telling him to. This included cussing them out, which I of course reported him for, and which he'd get mad asking who reported him. This behavior of his wasn't the case at first but gradually changed to this over time.

      Eventually I'd had enough, and after consulting the W101C community I decided to end our friendship (which coincidentally was in The Hatchery). His response (which was in front of other people)? "You were barely any help anyway lol". I never saw him again after that. This was back when CL was the final world if memory serves & the world he primarily needed help in.

      Aside from him it's usually just people rushing into fights and not wanting to form a strategy first or wait until everyone's ready or people joining then fleeing. I remember the former happened once in The Graveyard where I asked what the strategy was and all 3 ran into Yevgeny without a word, so I left, as I'm not gonna waste my time on non-communicators.
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