for me my top Houses in the Crowns shop are Red Barn farm for its Gardening Bonus, I like the Avalon Castle plot for pet storage, Island Getaway and Wysteria Villa I feel is good for Decoration or Storage and i like the jungle house cause it can be setup as a Teleport hub to go between all the homes i have on my Balance wizard. The Life Tree IMO gets an Honorable mention due to its space inside and out. the sapce in most of the other Homes are so bad and to me non is as bad as the inside of Open Space, Balance House and Emyrea Airship.

If the Open Space house was given more space on the inside then I wouldn't feel it had bad space, the Build-A-Caslte gift card homes have better space on the inside then the Open space house does. Conceptually they could of taken how the INside of the Serpentine Escape looked and have it part of Open House IMO.

I also looked over the SChool homes lately and only the Life and Myth homes seemed best when it comes to space the Balance home being the worst IM and i main balance. I would love to see new School themed homes that were given better space.

Perhaps the next Build-A-Cattle style plot they do have both the Inside and outside decent space to do things. maybe even do School themed Build-A-Castle plots and allow them to give Gardening Perks. These homes could even be only obtainable through Class a Class specific quest.