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        •  Myth
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      Fall 2023 new Beastforms

      Death Colossus
      550 Health
      +1 starting pip
      Normal speed

      Life Transfer: 25 Drain
      Skillful Strike: 75 Damage, or 125 Damage if you have a Shield
      Ride and Die: 150 Damage, or remove a Blade from the enemy for 225 Damage
      Deathproofing: -150 Weakness, then give yourself a 75 Shield if you have a Blade
      Deathbringer: -125 Infection to all enemies. If any enemies has a HoT, remove it for a -175 Infection instead
      Grim Troll: 200 Damage to all enemies, 275 Damage instead if you have a Shield
      Mortis' Malaise (Level 2): Steal a Blade, then 50 Drain
      Woe Toad (Level 3): 150 Damage to all enemies. If an enemy has a Blade, remove it for 225 Damage instead
      Red Deathish (Level 4): -50 Weakness and Steal a Blade. I am pretty sure that this is a typo.
      Undying (Level 5): Places an Afterlife on an ally. When that ally dies, 50 Drain to all enemies. (The person the Afterlife was cast on receives the health)

      Myth Krok
      450 Health
      +1 starting pip
      Normal speed

      Troop Bolster: +50 Shield to a minion
      Appropriate Force: 150 Damage, 200 Damage instead if you have a minion
      Summon Elephant: Summons a minion. If you already have one, gives you 2 Enchants that boost damage by 50 each
      Feed the Troll: 75 Damage, then place a +150 Trap if the target is Taunted
      Jaws of the Krok: +200 Trap. If the target is Taunted, place an Afterlife (not sure who gets it) that puts a +100 Trap on all enemies
      Bug Bomb: 200 Damage to all enemies, 250 instead if you have a minion
      Raging River (Level 2): 225 Damage, then place a +100 Trap if you have a Shield
      Battle Rush (Level 3): Remove a Weakness from yourself to give yourself a +75 Shield, then 150 Damage
      Hold Them Down (Level 4): +150 Trap to the target, then stun yourself for one turn
      Legend of Spiders (Level 5): Remove a Weakness from yourself to give all allies a +125 Shield, then 225 Damage to all enemies

      Minion has 50 health
      Minion spells:
      Thick Skin: (0 pips) 50 Shield
      Combat Medicine: (1 pip) Afterlife: Revive target with 50 Health

      I am not sure if the spells you get from leveling this form are correct
      Fire Fairy
      325 Health
      +2 starting pips
      +20% speed

      Firebird Wings (Level 3): Remove a Shield from the target to Detonate a DoT, then 75 Damage
      Pressure Cooker: 75 Damage over 3 rounds, then +1 pip to yourself if any enemy has a minion
      Wyvern Woe (Level 2): 200 Damage over 4 rounds. If the target is a minion, Expel it and Pacify yourself for 2 rounds
      Everything Can Burn: 200 Damage over 4 rounds, then push a Trap from yourself to the target
      Creeping Flames: 125 Damage, then +75 Trap if you have a HoT
      Forgefire Blast: 250 Damage, then clear a Trap from yourself to give yourself a pip
      S'more Heat: 300 Damage over 3 rounds, then +125 Trap if the enemy has a Trap
      Strife After Death (Level 5): 450 Damage over 3 rounds, if the target is a minion, place an Afterlife on it dealing 375 Damage over 3 rounds to all enemies
      Scorch the Earth (Level 4): 300 Damage over 3 rounds to all enemies, then remove a Trap from all allies to give the allies who lost a Trap this way +1 pip
      Scourge of the Forest: 325 Damage to all enemies, then place a +125 Trap on them if you have a HoT

      Life Rat
      375 Health
      +2 starting pips
      +10% speed

      Undermine: 50 Damage and Detonate a DoT
      Quick Recovery: Heal for 75, or remove a Trap from the target to heal for 125 instead
      Strike and Retreat: 100 Damage and Pacify yourself for 2 rounds
      Secret Remedy: Places an Afterlife that heals all allies for 75
      Stolen Strategy: 200 Damage, then clear a Trap from yourself to heal yourself for 200 over 4 rounds
      Noble Rogue: 300 Damage to all enemies, then remove a Trap from all allies to heal those allies by 225 over 3 rounds
      Supportive (Level 2): Heal for 125 and give the target +1 pip if they have a Blade
      Raze the Roots (Level 3): 250 Damage to all enemies and Detonate a DoT on them
      Vandalize (Level 4): 300 Damage over 4 rounds. If an enemy has a minion, do 400 Damage over 4 rounds instead
      Preparation (Level 5): Heal for 375, or heal all allies for 250 if an enemy has a minion

      Balance Elf
      375 Health
      +2 starting pips
      +20% speed

      Slow Erode: 75 Damage over 3 rounds and -75 Weakness
      Pip Pluck: Steal a pip
      Dot for a Dot: 125 Damage, then 75 Damage over 3 rounds if you have a DoT
      Efreets of Strength: 250 Damage, and Detonate DoT if the target has a Weakness
      Ray of Blight: 250 Damage over 5 rounds to all enemies and -50 Weakness to them
      It Devours: 250 Damage to all enemies, then remove a pip from them
      Terrible Tiger (Level 2): 125 Damage and remove a pip
      Wind-Up (Level 3): +125 Damage Aura for 2 rounds and give the target +3 pips
      Wear of Time (Level 4): 125 Damage and add 1 round to a DoT on the target
      Wounding Slash (Level 5): 500 Damage over 5 rounds
      Last edited by Torpzun26; 10-31-23 at 5:52:15 PM. Reason: Minion info + Undying drain info

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      Cool Re: Fall 2023 new Beastforms

      Thanks for being on top (As usual) of the new forms and spells.

      There are some interesting things in this group of forms and spells; so I guess I will have to log into Test (Not really a Test Realm Fan) to see them for myself but I look forward to your assessments which I think are always "spot on".

      beastly hugs,


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      Torpzun26's Avatar
      Torpzun26 is online now Adept Wizard

      • Torpzun26's Wizard Stats
        •  Wizard's Name:
        •  Cole Duskhaven
        •  Wizard's Level:
        •  130
        •  World:
        •  Wizard City
        •  Wizard's School:
        •  Myth
      Status: World first AZ Raid win!
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      Feb 2019
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      Re: Fall 2023 new Beastforms

      I sadly don't have access to Test Realm but I've been trying to keep up with people who can test the forms out.

      Death Colossus, when compared to Death Wolf, seems absolutely horrible. It barely does anything that Death Wolf can't already do itself. The problem with this comparison is that Death Wolf is utterly OP, so for balance's sake this form needs to be worse so it isn't also OP. But at the same time, why use this at all instead of Death Wolf? Anyway, it is a form that needs to pair with a Storm form in order to excel. Deathproofing is a potent defensive move made even better if you have a Blade, and Blades provide double value on your Drains. The Shield synergy is alright. Finally, the T5 spell Undying is going to be incredibly strong if you have a Blade on when you cast the spell (you use blades when you cast this spell and they will be applied once the Afterlife goes off).

      It is a form that counters Blades to the point of overspecialization. It does mean that you can counter Blades naturally by playing normally, which can be nice. But in many cases this will simply equate to the enemies discarding their Blade spells unless they're necessary. In many cases, it will be a form with a bit of health, bad damage, and only slight defensive options. Not a good form. It also doesn't help that the T5 Undying spell, as great as it is, is only limited to a single copy. No TCs can be bought. So basically, bring it out with Storms, against Storms.

      Myth Krokomummy suffers from the same problem of being a mediocre form with one good card (ok, two cards), but this time it's a card you have more than one copy of. Being a medium form with only 75 DPP and little in terms of defensive options is rough, and this is coming from someone who plays Myth Draconian a bunch. It has two Taunt counters, 1 being really strong and the other being... eh, but it's a 2-pip 200 so that's fine. Appropriate Force becoming a 2-pip 200 through having a minion is fine, but resist the lure of trying to rush turning it into a 2-pip 250. This is a 3-card combo that doesn't do any damage until the third turn. Making sure an enemy is defeated quickly is crucial! The Sun enchants are good for adding damage to a form that lacks it, but it's something for slower fights, when you need to build pips.

      If you do get your minion, you're a bit better off. The minion provides 50 Shields and can Afterlife you, healing you to 50 every time you are defeated. This, alongside your slightly stronger hits if you have a minion out, makes your minion a tempting target for enemies. Your minion has to die or be stunned in order for you to be defeated for good, which can be strong if you're in a 1v1. Being revived is alright, but not super OP, you're one hit from dying yet again and you won't be able to cast most of your spells. It could allow for you to bypass the drawback of Hold Them Down by dying before your stun matters, and then revive so that you can use Feed the Troll. The shield from your minion synergizes with Raging River though, and that can be pretty great. Overall, this form will be pretty weak except for in slow battles where you can get some extra value out of your minion.

      Fire Fairy is like Myth Rat, but more consistent turn 1s. Forgefire Blast, S'more Heat, and Strife After Death are all excellent turn 1 spells. You will probably die turn 1 most of the time, which really drags this form down a bunch. If you can go against enemies that can't kill you in the first round, or team up with someone who can protect or revive you. The other spells are alright but nothing too special. Firebird Wings is nice for those slower fights against Shield forms, your 1-pip DoTs have neat effects but are super situational, the Beetle provides good value but putting HoTs on a squishy form is way too risky. The 4-pip AoE is not good, unlike Fire Rat's, because you have more consistent turn 1s so you don't need this as much.

      Not much to say about it. Lots of good turn 1 cards, it's squishy with virtually no defenses. Try not to die.

      Life Rat is a menace. It presents a conundrum: Either you are aggressive and try to kill it so that it cannot Pacify, or you wait to set up a way to kill the Rat that can't be foiled by healing. This is similar to Death Fairy where you have to be careful about how you defeat it. The one big difference is that Death Fairy's card deals damage and heals, while Life Rat can only do one or the other in a given turn. It will be very frustrating to defeat, and people will have to be smart when they fight Life Rat. You can also buff up a hit to one-shot the Rat, but if it's a Trap the Rat can counter with Stolen Strategy. The T5 Preparation spell is a full heal for the Rat, probably overkill in many cases but can be very effective. The Afterlife can be devastating, but it might be better to use it as a single-heal revive on yourself instead of trying to get the AoE revive heal. Though, that could still be an effective strategy.

      When it comes to offensive options, the aforementioned Stolen Strategy is one of your best options, being a 2-pip 200. If you can devote 2 turns to damage, you can use Vandalize into an Undermine to do 350 damage, which isn't as strong as a double Stolen Strategy but costs less pips. Undermine also makes this form powerful with other squishy DoT forms like the new Fire Fairy or Balance Elf. This is in the top 2 of the best forms from this update, most likely the best form.

      Balance Elf is the other form that I would consider a top contender for the title of best form released this update. It rocks a nasty 125 DPP with more health than any other form we've seen so far with that much DPP. And with a 2-pip 250 and two 1-pip 125s, it can provide some quick and deadly aggression. Terrible Tiger will be tricky to use since it doesn't actually do anything to an enemy that spends all of their pips the turn you hit, but if you can use it to restrict an enemy's combo potential. You can also do this while building pips by using Pip Pluck, but that doesn't do damage.

      Pip control can be nice in longer battles, but Balance Elf has other good options for that. Wounding Slash is a 500/5 DoT that you can place on the very first turn, and then if that isn't enough you can extend it with Wear of Time. And finally, Wind-Up is incredible. It provides up to 250 damage if the person you cast it on hits twice in a row, but this also gives a bunch of pips. It's primed to allow your ally to send a powerful AoE. Just be wary that the Aura is delayed by a turn if you cast it on someone who goes before you in turn order.
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