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    Thread: What If?

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      What If?

      This is a little fun thread.

      If you won the state lottery and bought Kings Isle for a million bucks from Gamigo, how would you run wizard 101? What would you change? How would you improve the game?

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        •  Life
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      Re: What If?


      I think one of the things I would do differently is get rid of that new spell thing and put back how schools are supposed to be.
      I would also fix shadow pip spells and put them back the way they used to be along with the lore spells being more useful again at the lower levels with needing archmastery rating.

      I would also stop all the extra badge rewards in beastmoon along with all the extra re-skin pets. Being this is an event; it should not have more badges than the first and second arch put together.

      I would focus on fixing existing bugs that players been asking to get fixed.

      I would remove a lot of the silly rewards in the daily assignments, the things that are too many and add something special in them, along with bring back arena tickets.

      Reduce the exclusive things.

      Just to name a few things.

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        •  Chris Ravenblood
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      Re: What If?

      Quote Originally Posted by Eric Lionheart View Post
      If you won the state lottery and bought Kings Isle for a million bucks from Gamigo, how would you run wizard 101? What would you change? How would you improve the game?
      I would not release an update with known issues or bugs. Now this is easy for me to say. I have no idea what it takes to operate a successful MMO. I also have no idea behind the how, why and when an MMO like Wizards needs to release its content. I do work in the architectural/engineering world where QA/QC is a critical part of what we do. Things get missed, operations are compromised, people get hurt, company's get sued. An extreme example, I agree, but all I'm trying to say is that we make every effort to make sure what goes out the door is at or near perfect. If I were in charge, I'd expect no less from my company and its employees.

      and again, because I've never had an opinion on this topic; LOL. I'd bring back the classic crown sales. Maybe not to level they were at in say 2015, but maybe a once a month thing. It's certainly more than we're getting now.

      Fun question. Nice job!

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      Quote Originally Posted by Bailey Jade View Post
      I would also stop all the extra badge rewards in beastmoon
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        •  Dylan Windwalker, Valerian JadeBlade, Scot WaterWielder, Seth DreamDreamer, Lucas LightBright
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        •  130
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        •  Lord Lillie
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        •  Enchanted Armament
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      Re: What If?

      I would hire more people. A good leader needs to know when enough is enough for a single person or team to do. I would hire directly from the Player Community base a core of Quality Assurance Team to make sure bugs are squashed.

      I'd make all housing items free through crafting or by reward drop (but create a reasonably priced crowns option un case players don't have enough resources). I'd also return every single housing item from retirement.

      I'd remove the Energy Requirement for Fishing. I'd make Cantrips cost Mana and create Purchasable by Gold recipes for the many Cantrip Spells exclusively TC right now. Oh and release Fishing Gear available through the various Fishing Vendors across the Spiral (unlockable by obtaining a certain Fishing Rank and Number of Fish Caught)

      I'd keep to the seasonal cycle of major updates and following the Wallaru Update, I'd have that team of KI Devs create smaller content packages for a In-Between Update (similar in length to the BOXES events). Just a few Side Quests with a unique housing item or badge or whatnot at the end.

      Talking about Badges, I'd lower the 1000 or higher kill Requirement to 500 (same with the Undead Badges, decreasing the Requirement by half at least).

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      Re: What If?

      I would survey my target audience to understand what they would like to see and not see in Wizard & Pirate.

      Then, I would re-vamp it to make it a "simple" fun game for all ages. Currently, it isn't much fun when you need a guide to understand the cards before you can cast them.

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