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      How much can your computer handle?

      As you may know, Ki is frequently balancing the amount of data to smoothly implement an update to their game. I imagine data is a primary factor in whether or not to keep larger ideas and instead settle for a small diverse updates instead that is more manageable. The reason that this is so important to Ki is because ultimately Ki wants W101 to be downloadable in any modern laptop/pc and still have game processing run fluidly (which I cannot say the same for numerous other computer games these days). Just as this is known to have impacts on the amount of housing items allowed to be placed in houses, it may similarly be relevant in how large a new world could be or if this world could have a cutscene or two following some quests. Though I don't know much about computers or game development, I thought that making this thread could help Ki determine what they can or cannot do in consideration for our computer's data processing capabilities. I'm really hoping that Ki considers pushing towards allowing for bigger updates but at the same time, making sure every consumer of this game is able to play without delay or lag.

      Let's clarify as specific as you'd like the capabilities of your computer system that you currently play W101 in!

      What computer system do you play W101 on?

      Do you ever experience delays in the game when you're for certain that internet is running smoothly?

      Have you ever experienced problems downloading new content or the game itself on your device?

      Does your computer (that you downloaded W101 on) have enough space left to download larger updates? Do you foresee any problems with data of W101, where the game is taking a warily large portion of space in your device?

      Should Ki consider increasing increasing the size of in-game updates, in consideration that storage in laptops/computers are getting better?
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      Re: How much can your computer handle?


      That is all.

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      Re: How much can your computer handle?

      I can run any game just fine, so long as the Memory required is 6 or less gigs. My load times end up being a bit slower because of that (and all my games are on an external hard drive), but I typically don't lag unless I'm gardening or something. Storage-space wise, my computer for some very weird reason could only store about 100 gigs, but the hard drive I plugged in holds a terrabyte so I'm doing pretty good there.

      So for this I am ok with there being more updates, just as long as they don't decide to revamp the graphics in a way where it makes the game harder to run. I would very much prefer an "ugly" game that runs well over a pretty game that doesn't run well. The best compromise is a game that runs well but has a cute yet unintensive art style.

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      Re: How much can your computer handle?

      My computer has no trouble tri boxing. It's Windows 11, with 16 gig of ram with an extra 8 gig on the video.

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