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      First Impressions of Rate My Stitch Update?

      @Sparck posted this on the Wizard101 website:

      Mar 29, 2:41 PM

      Rate My Stitch First Impressions

      "The Rate My Stitch Update is currently on Test Realm! We'd love to hear your general first impressions below."

      For those who do not have access to the other site(s), post your First Impressions on this thread.

      @Eric Stormbringer @Kyle IceWielder --- Just an fyi.

      Post here for "Bug Reports".

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      Re: First Impressions of Rate My Stitch Update?

      I've rated 3 people so far and I've thrown my normal look into the pool. Honestly, the Rate-a-Stitch activity is not for me. I like how players can use this feature to look at where to find gear, but for experienced players I've essentially memorized where to get most items anyways and this is not very useful to me personally. I feel like as I do more, I'm just going to get bored from it because there's just so little I could judge a person by and I've been taught to never judge a person by their looks anyways so a person's looks never really strikes me. At least with judging player's houses, there's so many housing items and houses and ways to decorate, exploring those houses is actually interesting. But the diversity of player's looks is rather limited or at least it seems that way. But these are just my personal opinions and objectively the update is fine.

      A couple of bugs I've noticed like having the names of characters actually match the person on the leaderboards is something I would recommend updating (was confused when the dude in the Leaderboards was named Myrna and another guy was named Sabrina. Not that there's anything wrong with guys named with female names, I'm just guessing that's not supposed to be the case here lol). But there's a separate thread for bug reports so I'll talk more about bugs I see later there if I encounter anymore.

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      Re: First Impressions of Rate My Stitch Update?

      It's fun. I'm guessing it took way more time to implement than it seems worth in terms of player experience. I suppose if they sell enough packs for players trying to mimic the top payers, that's where the ROI will be.

      I'm still in the camp that I'd rather see improvements and extensions to current in-game activities that seem neglected vs. this kind of update but that's just me. For this, there are a lot of bugs to still be ironed out. The most notable: I really am not interested in rating the same stitch multiple times in the span of rating 10 stitches. I don't feel like I'm getting a good assortment to review or that everyone is getting a fair shot at the leaderboard yet.

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