*Updated Latest Known Issues* again, March 25, 2023.

For those who do not have access to the other sites, post your Bug Reports on this Central Forum thread.

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Rate My Stitch Update on Test Realm - Please Link New Issues Here

These reports can come from Halston's Laboratory here in the official forums, the Wizard101 Central forums, social media, or any officially recognized fansite.

Please do not post a reply without first locating or creating a separate post for the issue. Link that new or existing post here ONLY. A few words of explanation for context with the link is perfect.

Latest Known Issues (New issues will be added to the TOP of the list)

* Various Bank UI needs (alignment issues, couple of spelling errors, etc.)

This list is only issues and bugs. Do not link references to general dislikes or uncertainties of a feature. We will be reviewing those separately.

General Concerns

* Bank UI optimizations in the right direction but still needs work
* "Will the rewards be worth getting in Challenge Mode?"
* How the Rate My Stitch leaderboards will be fair
* Latest Beastmoon event balance needs some tweaking
* Gauntlet Gear power compared to usefulness of other gear
* Gauntlet boat despawns at wrong time
* Tribunal Oni is not casting
* Some misspelled recipe names
* Some odd issues with Bearded Dragons and Mulleted Neaux spawnings.

Considerations and Ideas

* Rate My Stitch First Impressions and related discussions
* Spell change proposal
* Have more of the shopping vendors inside the buildings
* "I wish that we could see where to acquire item with Item Identifier in the "Hall of fame" and "Fashion Studio" Sections."

Issues Resolved

* Area game crash will occur when interfacing with Marco Artigiano in the Arena (please do not interact with him until this is fixed!)
* Possible 7th character creation client crash bug
* Several Beastform and Cinematic changes and fixes


Thanks for helping to make this a great update for all Wizards!