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      Quote Originally Posted by Dylan Windwalker View Post
      Just putting it out there, I don't think Ki does anything different on the basis of one person (or at least I hope so but I cannot say for sure, like watching a single Discord Streamer lol). I don't think Ki is out to get you. The last statement is not entirely true (though one case is not generalizable to the entire statement, I'm just saying saying there's some falsifiable examples). When we were struggling to get Spellements because the only way to get them was from packs, Ki actually went ahead to make it easier to obtain. Though I cannot say for sure if the intention was completely good, it did objectively made it easier. I can probably name a couple more examples, but certainly Ki's "balancing" needs some work.

      Also, I'm not sure why Ki changes things so randomly and unreasonably. I know some of it wasn't intentional, programming and coding is just like that everywhere. They're always tinkling with drop rates for some things and it's odd what they seem to be changing. Some many things are in the air but I think the Ultra King Parsley thing and the Karamelle Reagents thing, I'm leaning towards it being unintentionally changes that they're to busy to change back. It just seems strange as I don't see Ki doing anything about gardening or with Karamelle.

      - - - Updated - - -

      I keep thinking that they're cutting drop rates so they can force players to spend more time playing and thus increasing likelihood of renewing membership. Everything they're making more difficult to obtain, is ultimately to make money off of us almost like exploitation (I know Ki doesn't like that word lol). Like lowering the changes of getting Couch Potatoes is there to make players buy Mega Snack Packs or farm longer, which ultimately makes them more money. And they're obviously aware of this (because they hint to it in the dialog of the main story of Novus lol). Ughhhhh capitalistic corporations!!!
      Wizard has always been a very grindy game but it does appear they are trying to drop rates to force people to spend more time farming. The Novus gear being a prime example, Nine pieces to craft one item. Some will do that and it will keep some playing, but if they're not having fun and it is such a drag, they are going to find out, people just don't want to do that during their free time and will quit.

      I like to feel like I'm being rewarded for putting effort in but that is beyond a joke. Personally it puts me off even bothering. A great example of them increasing the drop rates, was Morganthe. Many, many years ago they increased the odds in getting good drops and it had me farming no end, trying to get the gear for all my wizards. If they are reading this I hope they take that and reconsider the benefits of increasing not decreasing drop rates.

      Speaking for myself I use a time and effort versus reward to decide on what I will go for. So I'm not going to spend hours on something that has little to no chance in dropping. Or in the case of Novus, having 12 wizards to get six pieces of gear each (I couldn't care less about the latest decks until they drastically increase the number of spells we can add like in the past), that's 54 pieces per wizard, 648 for 12 wizards. Honestly I think the devs have suspect mathematical skills, just look at opening everything in the Guilds, such astronomical figures are needed. Same could be said about cantrips when they first came out. People don't want to spend literally years to reach these goals. The end result is people stop doing them very very quickly.

      Quote Originally Posted by SeptenaryRavens View Post
      Yes I 100% agree. I didn't think it was necessary to make a separate thread on this, but I've farmed the Atavus fight 50 or so times in the last 40 days or so and I've gotten one masterpiece hat (zero aeon hats), and all other drops have been robes and wands. I want to believe that it's bad luck, but when it's consistent regardless of the day or time, it becomes harder to believe.
      Oh they definitely make it so certain items drop more than others. Take the BOXES event(Avalon) as an example, over the years I have farmed there relentlessly for the energy gear and robes are always in scarce supply. There is luck and there's luck but they definitely fiddle the numbers to keep us grinding for full sets. There's always something that drops more frequently and others that are much harder to get for a full set.

      People talk about RNG, but to take the gold key boss Drowned Dan , as an example that there is no way they are randomly chosen from all the possible combinations. I did the maths to work out how many combinations, it was a long while ago and I forget now, something like 8,000 possibilities. Now if you have done that boss a good number of times particularly in a row. You will see the codes are often remarkably similar each and every battle. Those odds are pretty extraordinary in themselves however during one period of seven consecutive battles I had 4 with the exact same code… Actually it have been five I'm not a hundred percent sure… Out of seven. There's nothing random, its preprogrammed to limit combinations, it has to be. This is also not a one-off occurrence of seeing duplicate codes , I've seen on many farming runs.
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      Re: Who says KI doesn't listen?

      Quote Originally Posted by Willowdreamer View Post
      So much of the game is actually dependent on LUCK -- we have runs of good luck and runs of bad luck, and some Wizards are just luckier than others.

      I'm with Dylan in thinking that the programmers aren't going to bother with tweaking things in the game based on comments made here. They have all kinds of statistics and numbers to look at that will determine what they adjust with each game update. It really isn't healthy to think that we are being targeted by some malign intentions when our luck runs out and things aren't going our way.

      Willow, as much as I would love to agree with you and few others, I have to disagree with you. Asriks was once a great place to farm for gear to sell at the Bazaar for quick gold and somewhere along the way, it was mentioned BY a KI employee that things will be changing there. Sure enough it has. Once you only needed to farm for one hour to max out gold now takes a good two house specially if your farming with one wizard. If you have more with you, the drops are a little better, but not by that much.

      This is not the only place I have seen a reduce in items. Also, while back, it was mentioned the plant drop rates reduced. I have notice this with EMPS that they were not dropping as many tc like they once used too. Other gardeners agreed with this. I believe there is a thread about this.

      Here is the thing, when it comes to gear and seeds, especially seeds, why would they allow the drops to be so great when those same seeds can be bought at the crown shop? After all this is a business and they are out there to make a profit. VS The items that are not crown items and it is part of the game. Why would they reduce the drop rates for those? This does not make any sense to me. I would think that allowing players to get gold fast they would just end up buying more elixirs to make those pet hence more money for crowns for those elixirs.

      I also came to the conclusion the reason why the drop rates on end of the world gear is horrible is because it is a way to keep the die hards busy till the next update comes out. I have notice that when a world first comes out, it is usually not good, but easy to do things till certain things are mentioned and KI fix this issue. We have seen this as well, within the catacombs, and end of world bosses.

      The bottom line, KI does do things on purpose, which things they are, that is hard to say.

      P.S. I agree with you on the luck part of it. However, I do have a theory in that as well.
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      Unhappy Re: Who says KI doesn't listen?

      In order to aid newer Wizards I used to post strategies I found helpful aiding levelling-up or planting certain companion seed combinations that accelerated level advancement with faster plant growth or pets that I thought could be helpful for a particular wizard school and most times when I posted these strategies soon thereafter aforesaid strategies became invalid. I used to like posting in the past but rarely post anything now as KI has effectively shut me up and

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      Re: Who says KI doesn't listen?

      KI has been blatantly changing old systems to make it progressively harder for new players to catch up with veterans. For example, skeletal keys are harder to obtain and now you can't even farm for Lore spells from Loremaster. I'm sure there are other things too but they have silently gotten rid of the lucrative fish to mega snack exchange when they found out they could squeeze more capital from people if they limit new player's access to snacks. Business has probably identified key target areas with high spending traffic for the game and is actively working to eliminate alternatives to force new players to buy in. It's a terrible system because veteran players don't push back against these changes because they are in the "have" group while the new players are just naive to the fact or quit once they hit the wall.

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