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      Abandoned House - Fast and Furious

      After farming this instance for over a year now I have come up with a pretty sure fire way of getting this done in less than 10 minutes. I use three wizards...one must have MASS FEINT (Dworgyn's Havoc Hood). You can have various schools, but one designated hitter with good damage and decent pierce. The others need to be able to boost the hitter with various blades.

      Here’s what you need:

      1. Hitter with the Vanguard/Dragoon amulet with the four pip hit (storm and fire have the highest damage of course)
      2. Support with mass feint and two supporting blades.
      3. Support with potent feint and two supporting blades.

      Here’s the drill:

      1. Use a small deck. Support should each have a feint (one being the mass feint) and two blades. Hitter should have two blades (or one blade and an aura) and a hit. Also, when you do this you should have EVERY card you need pop up immediately.
      2. GO FIRST. Seriously, if you don’t just quit and come back. With this method you will kill both mob fights in round one.
      3. Strategy for each of the two mob fights: first support blades (I like sharp tri blade or sharp balance blade), second support uses mass feint, and the hitter uses the four pip attack. One round, that’s it. You go first and you don’t even get hit.
      4. King Detritus: you may or may not go first in this fight. Even if you go first in the two mob fights you might go second in this fight. It’s ok, you just have to survive one extra round…which is totally do-able. For this fight everyone goes in together.

      Round one: Support one does potent feint, support two does mass feint, hitter blades.

      Round two: Support one blades, support two blades, hitter blades.

      Round three: Support one blades, support two blades, hitter kills.

      In a “perfect” run, and going first in the King Detritus fight, this whole dungeon is five rounds. With that said multiple things can happen during the King Detritus fight. Plague, Virulent Plague, Earthquake, shields…they are all possible. I’ve had Earthquake cast on our hit round and my hitter lost all blades (ouch). But with a heavy hitter and decent pierce you can survive most of the time.

      Recommendations for your treasure cards: cleanse charm, pierce, shatter, treasure blades, and reshuffle.

      My setup:
      Ice: potent feint, sharp tri, item sharp tri. TC: tri, balance blade, cleanse, shatter, pierce
      Balance: potent feint, sharp tri, sharp balance blade (same TC)

      Death: tri blade, sharp dark pact, pigsie (she has life mastery…just in case), and mass feint. TC: storm blade, dragon blade, cleanse, shatter, pierce

      Storm: sharp storm, item sharp storm, epic sirens, squall wyvern (Vanguard/Dragoon amulet). TC: storm blade, cleanse

      You can always throw in a reshuffle TC, but building pips back up leaves you open to some hard hits. I find it easier to just quit and restart. Honestly, I’ve only had to do it a few times. Anyway...there's "better" gear out there now, but the Dragoon's gear is still pretty dang decent.

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