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This topic, and the areas related to it have come up before and I am sure my own opinion will "rattle some cages".

I remember when the game had no cheating bosses; then, they introduced Briskbreez Tower. When they did this first introduction to cheating bosses, a lot of the fun "innocence" was lost as suddenly the developers seemed determined to add as many cheats as possible to satiate the mainstream/"professional"/hardcore gamers while turning their back on the original player base of "regular" people who just wanted to enjoy the journey and adventure within the story. Soon, within a short time we started to see less and less of a fun and enjoyable story where we were participating characters turn into a grunt and grind just to get past a quest.

Now, all these years later it seems all the bosses have cheats or major advantages that force people to focus on survival more than the story that should be driving the game.

With all this being said, I honestly think there is already way to much cheating "over kill" as it is, and to even think of the mobs being able to cheat would, in effect, kill the game and drive the common player away.

If people want cheating and monstrously difficult bosses and battles, how about we just keep them to the Skeleton Key realm or optional side quests and out of the regular quests...let the game be fun for the majority of players who want to enjoy the story as well as the game and still have opportunity for the hardcore players to vent themselves with cheating enemies.

So no, I would be very strongly against it.

Sorry, no hugs in this matter,

just posting this up because i agree with this. now some cheats are not that bad per say. What is going on with Novus is that a lot of mobs AND Bosses have a general 25 to 50% universal resist. So prisms or school boosts don't help. some of them are extra resist to a specific school. so you need piercing auras and pierce blades plus piercing gear. having cheats or increased hits will bring us all back to Azteca and a little before that where people were constantly complaining to KI to make it tougher. then it got so tough in Azteca that a group of 4 couldn't defeat the storm mobs in there unless they were semi casual or hard core. also i believe that was the introduction of double boss fights. AND still people asked to make it more difficult.

casual players can not do this. Since i finished Azteca before the nerf i consider myself semi-casual or semi-hardcore. one of the reasons i dual boxed. if it was the sole reason i would have quit the game entirely.

and Briskbreeze was the only time i needed the mercs for hire. mainly because there were no guides for the cheating bosses. just mainly who they were and what exactly the cheats were. but not to show how to defeat it.

More importantly they should allow no less than 4 weeks or 6 weeks if they shut off test realm for the week end.