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      Re: Is it about time that Bobbleheads can be sold at the Bazaar?

      I spent some time thinking about this, and I have to agree; I also have an idea that KI might like.

      With all the push for new players KI has started with free WC and even Free First Arc. To help also promote collecting towards the future, I think that:

      1. All the Teachers for the Schools related to the First Arc should have one
      2. The main and popular Bosses or characters in WC should have one as well
      3. All of the above mentioned should be in the Bazaar, and even a select few very collectables be as Crown drops AND available in the Crown Shop
      4. Starting with the next Arc, add characters from the next previous Arc should be made available in the above mentioned format

      This concept would go really far in promoting the collection AND encourage more questing into new Arcs. It would also keep the items in the Bazaar or Crown Shop from getting stale as new additions would become more often.

      I think this could be a win/win situation.

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      Re: Is it about time that Bobbleheads can be sold at the Bazaar?

      Quote Originally Posted by ValdusWildheart View Post
      Same. I've just fed almost all of mine to pet or quick sell. And I always feel a little guilty when doing that.

      My kids have been playing again since December, and I always encourage them to sell what they can at the Bazaar just so other players can have a chance at rare but auctionable items as it's nice to be the person on the other end when that one thing comes through. They won't do it, though. It's such a mess to untangle it all, they just quick sell all of it No patience and I know they aren't alone. Anything the devs can do to make it better would be a terrific thing.
      I must admit I do quick sell a lot of stuff these days just for the convenience, particularly items of low gold value. If you haven't I would remind your kids that they get more gold selling in the bazaar Versus quick sell. Pretty important if you don't have a lot of gold. I do however make sure that if there is something rare I don't want, I won't quick sell that. Like yourself I appreciate finding little gems someone else didn't want. I've also found a novel idea when I'm Max Gold and that is to buy Some of the housing items in the top worlds, then sell in the bazaar. You don't lose an awful lot of gold but somebody will find something nice like the Valencia fountain you can pick up in Novus.

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