I was watching a KI Dev Diary that came out 3 years ago where they were talking about Wizard City and certain aspects of the First Time User Exeperience (FTUE). This got me to thinking with something I feel a huge amount of the Community has asked for since the game came out and KI has been doing Events where its just all of WC, or All of WC and Krok or the more recent version the entire first arc. I was thinking how if they made ALL of Wizard City Free to Play permamnently there are a few things that could be done in stream lineing things with the FTUE.

For instance ever since most blade's now increase the same have it so all schools get there Blades at the Same time. Currently each school gets there baldes at Differnt times which are Fire gets theres when they complete Unicorn Way, Death gets theres at 7, Myth Storm and Balance gets theres at 12, Life get's there's when they commplete the Krokosphinx and Ice really gets theres late in the game at level 38.

The School Traps; Death learns theres at the end of Unicron way, Ice gets theres from a quest at 7, Myth learns theres at 8 from there teacher, Life can learn theres from the trainer on Colossus Boulavard, Fire and Storm learns theres at 10 from there teacher, And Balance gets tehres from Completeing Krok.

The School Converts/Prisms; Fire and Storm gets theres at LVL 7, Death and Ice gets theres at 12, Myth and Life gets theres when they finish Wizard City, and the Closest Balance gets to Converts are Either the Convert Blade from there Karamele Spell or from certain gear.

What i was thinking IF least all of Wizard City became free and to potentially have a better FTUE is restructure when Spells like Blades, Traps and Prism/Converts are Obtained. 1 Option would be for all schools when they finish Unicorn Way they Obtain there School Blade, When all schools Finish Wizard City They Obtain there School Converts (which wouldnt affect Balance at this point assuming KI decides to not give Balance one but if/when they do allow balance to get it when they finish Wizard City), and as for Traps allow all schools get tehres at the end of Krok. Another Option would just be swapping when Blades and Prism/Converts are obtained where Prism/Converts learned when Unicorn way is Finished and Blades when Wizard City is completed.

I feel this woulod help certain schools Like Ice due to its Low damage.