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They could also delete the need to call the Idols and use abbreviations, IE: Drake instead of Draconian, Pig instead of Ninja Pig, etc.
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... I find this a great idea, and, just for me, I'd say a big Yes to it.
I am not sure W101 team would like to change them, though, since it would mean to basically modify the concepts. Some of he BM creatures are named after the already existing in-game creatures, like the Ninja Pig, for instance, or Krokomummy.

While the avid Beastmoon players, actually, are used to call them Krok, Drake, Pig, Rat, the new to BM players might get confused? As Alura, also, mentioned here. ...

Hi again Victoria. If you are asking if the Wiki Master Team would consider using nicknames or abbreviations like this, I would say definitely No. The Wiki follows what we see ingame. The Wiki does try to adjust to give some clarity, but still tries to remain true to what is seen "ingame", as in these examples for the Naming Convention mentioned in the posts above:

Draconian Beastmoon Idol (Death)
Draconian Beastmoon Idol (Fire)

Now on the other hand, "if" KingsIsle makes some kind of drastic change like that, we would have to adjust accordingly.