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        CrownDropper is offline Novice Wizard
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      Returning from a 2 year break, universal resist question

      I recently started playing again on my ice wizard and I've noticed a lot of enemies in avalon have pierce. Is it still possible/viable to have 100 universal resist?

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      Re: Returning from a 2 year break, universal resist question

      Most of the enemies have pierce now, so probably not. Then again most of the enemies can be killed in 2-3 rounds solo, so probably not an issue.

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      Pegasus Unbound's Avatar
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      Thumbs up Re: Returning from a 2 year break, universal resist question

      Thank you for bringing this up, it really has been a long time since it was discussed and so much has changed in just the last year that it really needs a "review".

      Because (If I remember right) there are 2 kinds of Resist, Damage and Pierce (Percentage or Fixed amount), it is virtually impossible to have 100% universal anything.

      Having said that (In regards to Resist specifically) between your gear and pets that offer Resist AND the Opal Resist Jewels, it is possible to come really close. I have seen some players who have managed to build up Resist to such a point that unless it is something like the oogie boogie things in Karamelle, the damage they get is minimal at best.

      They also pointed out that, in their opinion, if you focus you efforts on building up your own Damage and Pierce numbers along with increasing your Resist number/percentage, you can usually defeat them before they can make a serious attack against you. Our cherished and beloved @Lady Cat (Steph) was an expert at that. She once told me that she has seen people "using/wasting" too much time (rounds) and pips with too many shields instead of setting their primary focus on the actual attack, they often allow the enemy to build up what they need for their cheat attack. I remember her saying that if you can accept taking some damage without letting yourself get killed, you can better focus your attack efforts, a "give and take" scenario. Of course, this was looking at it as a solo player but it also helps in team play as well.

      To her, it was a matter of building up enough of the 3: Resist, Damage and Pierce and having a pet that also has these 3 boosts and at least 1 or 2 may cast heal. With a good balance of them, based on your school (As an example, in Death School your attacks frequently give you health in return for the attack while other schools don't) and style of play, you could pretty much blast your way through in just a couple rounds.

      There are/may be others who can add their thoughts and experience on this and I would love to hear their own thoughts and suggestions.

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      Re: Returning from a 2 year break, universal resist question

      Quote Originally Posted by CrownDropper View Post
      I recently started playing again on my ice wizard and I've noticed a lot of enemies in avalon have pierce. Is it still possible/viable to have 100 universal resist?
      Karamelle, Lemuria and Novus (coming soon) are all part of the 4th Arc, with Novus possibly being a 2-parter.
      Lemuria has a jewel vendor named Phaner who sells +29 defense jewels, so it might be possible.


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      Re: Returning from a 2 year break, universal resist question

      I'm going to chime in here and inquire: what would you be using the universal resist for? Would you be using it strictly for questing (i.e. mobs, bosses)? Or are you interested in using it for PvP? For questing, I agree with the general sentiment here that it is not really necessary. As for PvP, it could potentially be useful for a turtle-like/jade approach. Ultimately, I would say that it could be viable depending on what you intend to use it for. Not everyone likes being a glass cannon.

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      Dylan Windwalker's Avatar
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      Re: Returning from a 2 year break, universal resist question

      To answer your question objectively, no but close. If you're Ice, it's closer.

      Jade Gear is still around (don't know why, could say). Rockstar Boots if you remember those are still around. Heartsteel is still around. The low-level wand with around 2% universal resist is still around. Merciless Amulet is an extra around 7% (but Uber is probably more useful). Universal Resist pet is now a thing (14% Spell Proof, 7% Spell Defy). If you're Ice, you got the Ellisa's Chilled Band. Anyhow don't quote me on the numbers, everything should be on the wiki. And yeah, the Square Universal Resist jewels soak up all of the damage you'd likely receive left from mobs.

      Jading is still a thing everywhere you remember it to be. Even with pierce in newer world mobs/bosses, the universal resist is still there to comfortably take the hits with a Satyr to restore up to full health. Juju is still around too, just as you remember.

      Nothings changed about this problem and nothing ever will but as I'm guessing everybody above me has said, be a player that has moved beyond the annoying dumpster fire that is jading and play fairly just as the game developers intended it to be.
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