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      Pegasus Unbound's Avatar
        Pegasus Unbound is offline Grandmaster Wizard

      • Pegasus Unbound's Wizard Stats
        •  Wizard's Name:
        •  Nathaniel
        •  Wizard's Level:
        •  130
        •  World:
        •  Empyrea
        •  Wizard's School:
        •  Balance
        •  Pet's Type:
        •  Dragons and MORE Dragons.
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      Oct 2010
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      A Thankful Member of The Central Family

      To My Central Family that I cherish so much...

      Name:  thanksgiving 001.jpg
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Size:  62.9 KB

      We may not always agree, but we are and will always be family and no Family is ever perfect.

      For some of us, The Central Family is almost the only "Family" we have for many various reasons. It is this very special closeness that we share, but often take for granted, that can make us forget to have proper respect and courtesy.

      This is a special time for us to reflect on ourselves and just how we play a role in the lives of our fellow Central Family members and to cherish those very special people we care so much about, even when they can make us feel so frustrated. We have so much to be grateful for in this, what is supposed to be our "Safe Place" that in our various positions within that family, we can even forget that we are a family; Yes, an extended one but still a family all the same.

      In this day and age when things all over the world seem and feel so chaotic and hostile, just remember the blessings you have but often overlook, and how those very same blessings came to be.

      There are so many of you that have been so very special to me since the beginning, and even more who have joined in the last few years or even months or days. To each and every one of you, I just want to say Thank You from the very bottom of my heart.

      Name:  catprayer.jpg
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      AluraMist's Avatar
        AluraMist is online now Wiki Master

      • AluraMist's Wizard Stats
        •  Wizard's Name:
        •  Mindy
        •  Wizard's Level:
        •  1
        •  World:
        •  Wizard City
        •  Wizard's School:
        •  Fire
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      Nov 2009
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      Re: A Thankful Member of The Central Family

      Happy Thanksgiving Day!
      Wishing you a sensational day, filled with family, good friends,
      and the best Thanksgiving meal ever!

      Name:  cover.jpg
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      Dare to catch your best dreams and live them with eyes wide open. Sweet dreams always.
      The DreamCatcher.

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      VictoriaWildsong's Avatar
        VictoriaWildsong is offline Initiate Wizard

      • VictoriaWildsong's Wizard Stats
        •  Wizard's Name:
        •  Victoria Wildsong
        •  Wizard's Level:
        •  90
        •  World:
        •  Azteca
        •  Wizard's School:
        •  Fire
        •  Pet's Name:
        •  Romeo
        •  Pet's Type:
        •  Decade Fire Cat
      Status: La Vida es Sueño
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      Nov 2018
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      Re: A Thankful Member of The Central Family

      Adding my wishes for a Happy Thanksgiving Day!

      Thanks to W101 Central Wiki for being a place where I found a "hearth", where I come back daily to read not only the in-game news, but also to meet great people, listen to wise thoughts, and to get an advice.

      I feel like I've known some of you for a long time.

      Would be too long a list to name each one, but you all have my sincere gratitude for making this place unique.

      Sending a special thought for this Day to...

      @AluraMist, for her charisma, for the care she takes of this Wiki and Forum, for keeping us up-to-date with the W101 news, for finding time to bring us cheerful, encouraging and wise "Thoughts For the Day".
      To the Wiki Masters Team and to Moderator(s), especially to @Willowdreamer - such an assiduous work for the benefit of the Community, they deserve all thanks a Wizard could give!

      @Pegasus Unbound, for having always the spirit of conciliation, for the heart-warmth, and for not forgetting to send a good word at the time of need. I really hope I'll meet Nathaniel one day in the Spiral, would be more than glad to have you as a friend there, too

      Have a wonderful day today, everyone, may it be full of all best feelings, in the middle of your dear ones!

      Name:  Thanksgiving Wish 2022 1.jpg
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Size:  71.7 KB

      Last edited by VictoriaWildsong; 11-24-22 at 7:56:51 AM.
      Beastmoon: Play as a Team, if you want to win!

      Basic: Beastmoon, Wiki Forum and a great simplified Mayhem Guide

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        bluedreamer is offline Fizzled
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      Jun 2022
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      Re: A Thankful Member of The Central Family

      Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

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      MzDreamfire's Avatar
        MzDreamfire is offline Adept Wizard

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        •  Wizard's Name:
        •  Elizabeth Nightflame Lv 150, Taylor Thunderider Lv 142, Eliz Darkblood Lv 150
        •  Wizard's Level:
        •  130
        •  World:
        •  Empyrea
        •  Wizard's School:
        •  Fire
        •  Pet's Name:
        •  (Fire) Mister Whiskers, (Storm) Lily(Death) Blue
        •  Pet's Type:
        •  (Fire)Wolfhound,(Storm) Prismatic Pegasus, (Death)Spooky Pegasus
      Status: This Wiz runs on Dunkin'
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      Aug 2009
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      Re: A Thankful Member of The Central Family

      Happy Thanksgiving everyone!
      Thank you all for being here every day, week, month and year. For being the wonderful caring people you are and for welcoming everyone and being such a warm community willing to help and be there for each other day after day. I've come here almost every day all these years. We gain members and sadly have lost some wonderful ones but they are still with us.
      Thank you for helping me this last year since my husband passed with your caring and kindness.
      You're all very special and I'm thankful I found this game and Central.
      Hope you have a wonderful day .=)
      Trials are like fire ~ they can destroy or strengthen you,
      depending on your character and choices in life.
      Remember ~the same fire that melts butter, strengthens steel.

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      Dylan Windwalker's Avatar
        Dylan Windwalker is online now Legendary Wizard

      • Dylan Windwalker's Wizard Stats
        •  Wizard's Name:
        •  Dylan Windwalker, Valerian JadeBlade, Scot WaterWielder, Seth DreamDreamer, Lucas LightBright
        •  Wizard's Level:
        •  130
        •  World:
        •  Empyrea
        •  Wizard's School:
        •  Balance
        •  Pet's Name:
        •  Lord Lillie
        •  Pet's Type:
        •  Enchanted Armament
      Status: Upsidedown and Backwards
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      Feb 2014
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      Re: A Thankful Member of The Central Family

      Happy Thanksgiving Witches and Wizards lol

      Signature created by Expelliarmus in Blue Nouveau Designs, thanks!
      Dylan Windwalker: Feel Free to stop by and ask me for any help by Visitor Messages/Private Messages! (I'll try to help whenever I'm possible)

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