Beastmoon Forms:
Ninja Pig

In an effort to further help Beastmoon Players learn and get comfortable with the game (Regardless of the type of event) we really need to help everyone get to know the actual Beastmoon Forms themselves.

I will be creating special dedicate threads for each Beastmoon Form, and in each thread will be discussions on the different school versions of that form. They are adding new school versions of each Form, so it will be important for players who are the most familiar to add their own first-hand knowledge of that Form and school. Each Beastmoon Form has a potential of 7 different school versions, more if you include Moon, Sun, Star, Shadow, etc.

Each Form has 5 Levels or Tiers. Whether Level or Tier, the spells are the same; the only difference between Level and Tier is that Levels are temporary and reset back to zero at the end of each event while Tiers are permanent AND Tiers get to have more room for more Side Cards which are different that Treasure Cards in that they are only used in Beastmoon games and are temporary from game to game.

As you are learning about a Form, I suggest you try it in the Level format a few times before committing so much time and Lunari to building it up in Tier format. This way you can make sure it is a Form and School that you will understand and enjoy playing and that is the most important thing of all…if you are not having fun, why play the game?

It is my hope that you players will help each other by adding your knowledge and opinions to this Thread. There is only so much I can do on my own, and as I always say in the game, there is always more for everyone to learn from each other; so please step in and help me to help everyone with YOUR knowledge and insight as we discuss this Form and its different school versions.
Let’s Begin with what Schools are Available for this Form and what spells are available at each Level/Tier.

The school versions of this Form are:

  • Death
  • Myth
  • Fire
  • Storm

There they are, so now I turn it over to you to start to fill in the details and your assessments. You may have noticed that I did not explain each spell; I did that on purpose because I feel there are others who can do a better job of that overall...and those others are YOU. Have fun with your forms and have fun with the Beastmoon games.