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      Happy Veteran's Day~ Thank you For Your Service

      Happy Veteran's Day to all the men and women who have served and their families.
      You have sacrificed to much for all of us. Thank you so very much for your service.
      We appreciate and honor you on this Veteran's Day and every day.

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      Trials are like fire ~ they can destroy or strengthen you,
      depending on your character and choices in life.
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      Re: Happy Veteran's Day~ Thank you For Your Service

      Veterans Day is observed annually on November 11. It is held in honor of all military veterans, including both the fallen and the living, who have served in the United States Armed Forces, during wartime or peacetime.

      The observance should not be confused with Memorial Day, the holiday in May, which is held in remembrance of all those who have died in military service.

      Veterans Day is known as Remembrance Day or Armistice Day in the UK and Commonwealth nations. While commemorations and ceremonies vary, the significance of the date remains the same. For example, in the UK poppy wreaths are laid at commemorative sites in remembrance, and people often choose to wear a poppy pinned to their clothes. In most countries, there is a moment of silence at 11 am as a mark of respect.

      To all past and present servicemen and women, “Thank You Veterans”.
      There are not words enough. There is not a hug strong enough.
      You are my hero. You are in my thoughts. You are in my prayers.
      For all that you have done, “Thank You”!

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      Dare to catch your best dreams and live them with eyes wide open. Sweet dreams always.
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      Thumbs up Re: Happy Veteran's Day~ Thank you For Your Service

      The sun is setting on yet another Veterans Day, and yet I have to wonder why such a very special day is required to make us stop and remember something so very special that, in truth, we should be respecting and honoring every single day of our lives.

      I am proud and honored to be able to say I come from a long line of Veterans. I have the Purple Hearts, flags, medals and so many more special items that have passed though the hands of family before me. Veterans Day is one of the very special days that I take some "quiet" time to go through them and reflect on all that they sacrificed for not just our family or our Country, but for the world they believed we would all one day inherit.

      Peace and justice, like freedom comes with a price...a frightful and terrible price that these special people paid for us to have the things we do have, and to be able to dream of the things we will have in the future IF we are willing to "Fight the good fight".

      Now, thanks to the "wonders" of technology we are seeing the horrible new ways that some have created and use to wage war on everything we value so dearly. Thanks to these very same "wonders" the Veterans of this millennium have faced horrors that previous generations could never have begun to conceive; and yet they still go out to fight for us and what we believe in. Without them, we would not see another golden sunrise and feel the hope it brings.

      Not for a lack of wanting to be part of the defense of our Nation, I was never able to join those special ranks of heroes. Instead I, like countless others, fought the supportive fight here on our own ground and territory, giving as much love, prayers and support as we could to those who put themselves in harms way for us.

      My Father once told me that in most cases, you will never know if someone is a Veteran or not. They are not bound by age, sex, color, religion or any other "silly" designations we tend to put on people; and yet they made the sacrifice for us...and in many, too many, cases that sacrifice was the so-called "Ultimate Sacrifice". He told me that in his opinion, the real "ultimate" sacrifice was made every single day by those who lived after their service and fight their own personal battles every day, every night, every second.

      My Father's words ring true in my ears even to this day, and to each and every Veteran Past, Present and (God forbid) Future I offer my deepest thoughts of love, gratitude and prayers for you. Nothing I can ever do will ever be enough, but I will do my best to honor you every day of my own life...and to make the most of what you have made possible for me.

      No matter what name you call it by, Thank God for the very special people we trust our very lives and freedom to...may we all find time to bow our heads in full love and gratitude.

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