I was thinking most people dont feel the need to run the Master or Archmage dungeons, IF a person is lucky they can get help to farm the Exalted Dungeons. I got to thinking what IF we could take the Master Deuls craft them into Archamge deuls, and then take Archamge dungeons and craft them into Exalted dungeons. IF a more Difficult version is released allow us to take exalted dungeons and craft them into them.

Another thing that COULD happen is remove all the Master and Archamge dungeons and only have the Exalted DUngeons drop. I Would also like to see Azoth drop from these dungeons since there are people who wont sell them till there used up and if Azoth dropped from ALL versions of the dungeons. This would allow people to use up the dungeons and free up space in there homes.