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But now they're also starting to abandon college students and working adults with events, spellements and raids that require such high commitment they're not accessible/"worth it" to players who don't have an abundance of time and/or social resources. What's worse is a lot of players in this group WANT to engage and succeed in the new stuff but KI is basically rejecting them with either huge entry barriers and by failing to deliver an enjoyable progress rate.

To be honest this is my biggest concern about Wiz right now, I can't even guess if they're doing this in purpose or they simply don't realize how overtuned their effort-reward model is in these last updates, but either way I'm seeing too many people stuck as metaphoric "zero-heroes" of the deckathalon, BM, spellements and raids despite their interest and engagement in these systems. And I can't see anything good coming out of it.

I may be in the minority, but I actually see guilds as a (potentially) unifying yet flexible addition. It does not have to be all about raids if you don't want it to be.

Since the beginning of the game, I had hoped for some kind of shared housing option; a home base that would always be there no matter where your friends were in their progress. It never happened, and IMO that just increased the psychological distance between players over time. People just drop away and they can't even leave messages for each other.

Although some of the unlocking requirements seem a bit extreme, from what I've seen so far, anyone who is the minimum level to join a guild can actually contribute to it, even if they don't quest or farm. A shared goal is kind of nice for a change.