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      Dylan Windwalker's Avatar
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      Should Test Realm and Live Realm combine?

      During the most recent Test Realms for Guilds, the Test Realm servers were very much bleak.

      1) Very few players who were willing to help out with Testing the newest updates were met with difficulties logging in because of a requirement to redownload the game from scratch and being unable to enter areas for quite some time (depending on their internet connections).

      2) Due to the low population in Test Realm, regular players (particularly those not recording for an audience using a third party platform) were unable to test out many of the features in the game due to the extensive requirements that must be met to participate in the Guild update. This will be again occur whenever Ki has any intention of updating Guilds because for those who are in Guilds already, may not translate into Test Realm the same Guild (perhaps needing to form a new Guild specifically for Test Realm) and those who are not in a Guild cannot participate in reporting bugs within the Guild part of this update.

      3) Even after Test Realm ended and Live Realm was updated, there were still many bugs that continued over and Ki needed to correct many of those bugs with a number of patches. Not to mention, many of the new bugs resulting from the updates accidently or indirectly effect parts of the game that has nothing to do with the update at all and in Test Realm, not many players encounter those bugs because they're focusing on the main update. The patches made in Live Realm now concerning these indirect bugs maybe identified and fixed earlier as in Live Realm, players will be doing those activities that trigger those bugs.

      4) The population of Live Realm is much much larger and thus the majority of bugs will be reported in a relatively quick time in comparison to Test Realm as long as reports are being made/processed. This means that Ki will likely no more about the problems of their updates because more information is being produced. I'm not completely sure whether or not Ki will be overwhelmed by this immense number of bug reports but it's better than getting a few. Ki could simply release their update as a patch to Live Realm and continue fixing Live Realm through continuous patches.

      Not saying that this is required completely in the Fall Update because it's a "world" update and the majority of players are likely to fulfill the requirement already unlike the Guild Update that required the congregation of many players, but there is likely still going to be Guild Updates as well (particularly Raid updates, which again requires 12 players). This is "reasonably" possible through Guilds in Live Realm in comparison to finding players in a Test Realm to form a temporary Guild. I just think the sooner Ki changes the format to their Test Realms, the quicker problems will be resolved (ideally)

      Also, Live Realm has yet to have an accurate Bug Report system and still requires players to submit their bugs through the W101 website forum (or the Central Forum) using their accounts there. In this scenario the Bug Report System of Test Realm will be available for Live Realm. Though there may be more Trolls/Spammers abusing this system, it is ultimately more useful to Ki than not if there were a way to filter out those abusers from more serious inquiries.

      Ok so I've laid down some context, what do you think? Should Ki combine Test Realm and Live Realm??

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      Re: Should Test Realm and Live Realm combine?

      Test Realm should be like Leagues PBE Free but you have to meet X requirements but we all know that wont happen
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      Re: Should Test Realm and Live Realm combine?

      Never, that would be very poor programming practice indeed.

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      Re: Should Test Realm and Live Realm combine?

      I would absolutely, positively, 1,000,000% keep the separate!! Test realm is already a major problems as it is since they don't even fully vet all the issues before going live as it is.

      My suggestions would be:

      • Spend more time in test and stop trying to rush it. I would rather they take a month in test and work out all the bugs/issues before even thinking of dumping it on live realm.
      • Allow ALL players to participate, members or not. Simply put, the more people who test the thing , the better the chances of identifying all the bugs. This would also help "encourage" players in live realm to actually join to officially get access to the worlds/quests/activities
      • KI needs to create a multi layer system of monitors to check each reported bug, and then after they do the initial fix have someone else double check it, even triple check it
      • Offer rewards for those who actually do the test realm and find bugs, give them an extra incentive to pay closer attention to the test

      In all my years in various types of businesses, the most important thing any company can do for their customers lies in the hands of the QA team. QA MUST pay real attention to customer input and be fully dedicated to giving the customer the best possible product so they will continue to spend their hard earned money with that company.
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      Re: Should Test Realm and Live Realm combine?

      Them being separate isn't the issue, the issue is that only a select few can even access it. If it was available to all with a requirement of being X on live realm, such as being lv.50 for example, like how it is in League of Legends as @BaronvonWolf pointed out, then it's likely more people will test stuff out. Sure some people might still not properly test stuff out but that's unavoidable honestly.
      Last edited by Flash33; 9-4-22 at 9:58:17 PM.

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      Re: Should Test Realm and Live Realm combine?

      It sounds like a better question is "How can KI increase the amount of people willing to test?" It used to be the sneak peek at what's to come was the reward for members, but given how much work goes into needing to playtest these (and the real reward to KI getting to release a bug-free(ish) product that encourages players to come back/keep playing) maybe this model needs to change.

      Level requirements/account ages could be one solution (perhaps keeping in membership/crowns in 30 days=auto acceptance).

      For more labor intensive test realms like the guild one, maybe even a badge (Bug Basher? Test Realm Ruiner?) to show off would encourage folks to work hard. Or add a threshold for X amount of hours in the test realm etc.

      ~Maria DarkBlood/WaterMancer/MoonThief/SunThief/Silver~

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