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      Template Updates - June/July 2022

      Hi everyone,

      This is the first post I'm making like this. If you haven't met me or seen me around, I'm the latest Wiki-Master here on Central with a hobby for programming. I only joined the WM team about two months ago, so I'm still learning a lot. Today I'd like to list some of the template changes I have made within the past two months since joining, as well as some upcoming changes. If you have any feedback for these changes, whether you love or hate any of them, please let me know.

      Item Template Changes


      • Power Pip Chance, Shadow Pip Rating, and Incoming and Outgoing Heal stats now use icons when displayed on an item page. Here is an example with all four stats.
      • Critical, Critical Block, and Pip Conversion stats now automatically display the word "Rating" after the stat. This is to match their in-game representation more closely. Here is an example with all three stats.
      • Item Cards on an item are now listed at the very bottom of the stat bonuses list. See the previous example for how this looks, where the +Power Pip at the start of battle used to be listed last instead.


      • Automatically display item card images on an item page, so users will not need to open the item card page to see more details. This change may or may not be saved for an Item template revamp.
      • Removal of the "setitem#" fields. These can be removed by identifying items with the same level and "vendset" field. Set items will still be listed on item pages, but they will be sorted alphabetically now. See this example of what it currently looks like.
      • Removal of the "lowsell" and "highsell" fields in favor of a singular "sell" field. Some time ago, items that were dyed different colors would sell for different amounts based on what color they were. Thanks to a recent discovery by FritzFunBringer, we realized this system no longer exists, and there is now only one singular sell price. What this means for users curious about sell price is that you should use the "lowsell" value on item pages. Please note this field is not always accurate now, and please do not update pages to reflect this finding yet as we work on a fast solution for fixing the thousands of item pages that will need to be updated.

      Item Card Template Changes


      • Item Cards with multiple variations that summon different minions can now list all minion information on the item card page. Use the field "varminion" to toggle between listing minion information for all item card versions at the bottom and listing minion information for each version. (Do not use "varminion2" as it does not exist.) See the Item Card page for Animate.

      Creature/Drop Template Changes


      • Item drops that are only available conditionally are now marked under drop tables. You may have already seen this on Malistaire Drake's page or others. Use the new tag *BR to mark items that require certain badge conditions and use the new field "dropnotes" to describe what these requirements are.
      • Separated Spellements from the Reagents section and gave Spellements their own section.


      • The "dropnotes" field may be used to mark item drops that only drop based on a Wizard's school.
      • The ability to see basic properties of items in a tooltip preview in the Drop section.

      Snack Template Changes


      • Added a new semantic property called "Experience", which displays how much experience a pet snack gives. This was already determinable before by adding all five stats a pet snack gives together, but now you can create queries like this which make it much easier to find better snacks faster!

      Recipe Template Changes


      • Added new field "ctrank" to list the cantrip rank required to craft items. This primarily affects the recipes crafted at the Cantrip Crafting Station in Wysteria.
      • Added new field "pvprank" to list the PvP rank required to craft items. Inputting any valid pvp rank will also display a nice little badge icon next to it, like this example. This primarily affects the recipes crafted at the PvP recipe vendor in the arena, Marco Artigiano.
      • Recipes that don't list a crafting station will now display "Crafted at Vendor".
      • Added a new semantic property called "CraftingStation", which displays the crafting station an item is crafted it. Items that are crafted at their recipe vendor will not have this property.

      One final upcoming change is that the VendorInfobox will be entirely revamped in the near future. This is to address the fact that the Crown Shop and other pages such as Eloise do not currently work since they are so large.

      I think that is it! These are certainly not all of the template changes we have made recently as the other WMs also work hard on these. These are just the ones I have made. Let me know what you think of these changes and what you want to see in the future by leaving a comment here or by PMing me.

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