From the Wizard101 social media site:

KI Live: Guilds and Raids!

On this show, we discussed Guilds and Raids! Raids are a new challenging addition to the game that will take lots of teamwork to complete. Good luck!!

Missed the Livestream? No worries! As of this video going live, we've included 1000 additional redemptions to the codes below. Once they are gone though, they are gone! To redeem, type the code into the website 'Redeem Card or Code' box after logging into your account:

Code: EVILSNACKS722 to get the KI Live Snack Pack in both Wizard101 and Pirate101, and a Spiral Villainís Hoard Pack for Wizard101.

If you've redeemed the codes from previous KI Live shows, then you are already set.

The other codes mentioned on the show were for the Livestream period ONLY. If you want to redeem future KI Live codes of this type, you have to watch the Livestream.

For all prize awards, please allow us a few days to award them.

Thanks community for hanging out with us!"