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      Wizard101 rewrite idea: What if Morganthe wanted to stop Grandfather Spider?

      I’ve been talking to some friends about me toying with the idea Grandfather Spider and his Children being progenitors of Spiral races, I’m now realizing that would have some fascinating implications about the history of Khrysalis, particularly in regards to the Burrowers and Arachna. And it could lead to a bit of worldbuilding that would make Morganthe a better character.

      In the Khrysalis storyline, the Arachna and Burrowers are explicitly portrayed as enemies in every sense of the word. The Arachna revere the Shadow and the Shadow Queen, while the Burrowers curse the Shadow and fight against the Shadow Queen’s minions. However this becomes very interesting once we look in the past of Khrysalis and what exactly the Shadow is. In the ancient history of Khrysalis, the Arachna of the Hive, the Mantises of Sardonyx, and the Burrowers of Bastion were on good terms with each other.

      The Arachna were welcome to the Astral shrines that the Burrowers maintained, and the Grand Prophecy’s Obelisks were in Sardonyx. But this race was also held up in the Hive worshipping Grandfather Spider, indulging in his magic and influence. Morganthe’s memories showed that the ancient Spider Magi followed the Grand Prophecy, and searching for its Chosen One. These same Magi taught her Shadow Magic in the first place. In the Solar Arc, the elephant guy said the Arachna were listening to “dark whispers.” Spider and his Children are the only beings with the ability and desire to implant such dark thoughts.
      Nowadays, the Arachna’s subject of worship has shifted from Spider to Morganthe. Morganthe is their god and, at least during the Wizard’s exploits in Khrysalis, Spider is feared by the Magi and their warriors. But curiously the Umbra Legion and Morganthe herself continually utter “The Shadow!” in reverence. We all know what the Shadow means, it represents the very god that created Shadow Magic, the first and greatest embodiment of darkness and chaos. So how did “The Shadow” shift from the Spiral’s darkness god to the mere queen of Khrysalis?
      It’s most likely the result of Morganthe simply suppressing all forms of worship to propagate herself as both the god and ruler of Khrysalis. But what if this combined with the aforementioned change in the Children’s worldbuilding, and Morganthe’s supposed goal of being the Spiral’s “hero” fighting the forces of injustice. This is my idea:

      • In ancient Khrysalis, Grandfather Spider and his Children were worshipped by the people of Khrysalis as literal gods. The Rat, known as Father Rat, was worshipped by the Burrowers of Bastion and Hoppers of the Khonda Desert. Spider and the Scorpion, known as Father Scorpion, were worshipped by the Moon Cliffs’s Bees, the Hive’s Arachna, Sardonyx’s Mantises, and any other arachnid or insect race of Khrysalis. The Bat, known as Father Bat, actually wasn’t worshipped by Khrysalis races. Instead he’s worshipped by the creatures of Darkmoor to this day, and mentioned in reverence during Castle Darkmoor. Father Bat created Vampires, Werewolves, and everything that goes bump in the night. He also played an instrumental role in the spread of Necromancy, and is disheartened to witness its stigma as an “evil” magic.

      • Grandfather Spider has many more children than just the three animals we know and tolerate. He has at least twelve children, and they are vastly above Morganthe’s weight class. They are forces of nature beyond any magic user, and so is Raven’s own Children. The Titans set up the standard for divine progeny, and the Children of Light and Shadow are GOING to live up to that standard. No Shonen MC WiZaRd is standing up to them.

      • Spider and his Children influence events and groups around the Spiral to culminate in their freedom. Wizard101′s storylines would be more complex and interwoven as a result. They’re virtually the Wizard101 equivalent of the God Hand.

      • Spider is ultimately a force of nature, not one side of a custody battle. He desires chaos and destruction because that's his purpose in the universe. Raven surprisingly is not the one who imprisoned him, but Grandfather Tree.

      • Grandfather Spider’s influence on the First World’s destruction doesn't only extend to the Titans. His direct shadowy creations and spider spirits had a major role to play.

      • Morganthe is even more of a parallel to the Wizard than in canon. She went on adventures both as a wizard and a pirate, she made many friends and was betrayed, she collected treasures, and was a hero. But unfortunately, she also witnessed many strange events coalescing across the Spiral. Whether they were big or small, subtle or obvious, Shadowy or not.

      • Morganthe’s ultimate motive as the Shadow Queen is to prevent the liberation of Spider and his Children. She is terrified of them. She has erased all forms of worship towards them, and made herself out as the Shadow. She wants to save the Spiral from the equivalent of Lovecraftian gods. This stems from the torture, mutation, and mental manipulation she suffered under the tutelage of the Magi and Spider’s hand. But perhaps more importantly, she’s very familiar with their God Hand-esque manipulation of the Spiral Worlds.

      • Grandmother Raven too influences events in the Spiral to liberate Spider. Manipulating Morganthe is one of those methods of influence, though not to the same extent as Spider’s manipulations. Morganthe hates Raven too.
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