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      Death Wolf Beastform Idea

      550 Health
      +1 starting pip
      Regular speed

      Level 1 Spells:

      Harrowing Howl
      0 pips, Ward
      +50 Trap and -50 Weakness if you have a positive Ward

      Painful Power
      0 pips, Manipulation
      75 Death Damage to self and +1 pip to self
      Confiscate Life
      2 pips, Drain
      75 Death Drain

      Entropic Howl
      2 pips, Charm
      -200 Weakness

      Pip Pillager
      2 pips, Attack
      150 Death Damage. Slay: +1 pip to self

      Darkwoods Dragon
      5 pips, Attack
      600 Death Damage over 4 rounds

      Level 2:
      Fatal Fairy
      2 pips, Attack
      200 Death Damage over 4 rounds and Detonate DoT if either you or the target has a Blade

      Level 3:
      Assailing Ailment
      3 pips, Ward
      -375 Healing Trap

      Level 4:
      Grim Omen
      2 pips, Ward
      +150 Trap or +200 Trap if target has no positive Wards

      Level 5:
      Reaper's Toll
      5 pips, AoE
      200 Death Damage to all enemies. Slay: +1 pip to self

      The Death Wolf is a Deathly toolbox. Yes, there are FIVE 2-pip spells. If you want to attack, you got it. If you want something more defensive, there it is. It even has an Empower so you can cast a ton of them in succession. It also comes with a new mechanic, Slay, which gives you a bonus effect if the spell with Slay defeats an enemy. It's like Afterlife but it has to do the killing.

      Harrowing Howl: The basic 0-pip spell. I wanted this to be a Trap to make it a bit more different from the Death Cyclops's Pluto spell. Since Ice forms tend to like Traps, I gave this spell some slight synergy with shields to allude to a Death Wolf + Ice combo.

      Painful Power: I absolutely got this idea from the Death Krok. But instead of damaging yourself for healing or attacking, it's the Empower spell. Having both the self-damage and the pip only going to yourself might be too limiting but I think it'll still be really strong.

      Confiscate Life: With this form's easy access to strong Traps, I can't really justify having even a measly 50 DPP for this spell. You can use Painful Power into a Grim Omen into this to drain 275 health within 3 turns. Or you could not use Painful Power and save the 75 health if you need to. I did want to combine a cheap drain with good traps for a large form though, since the Death Cyclops has both a large trap and a large drain.

      Entropic Howl: Oops I misspelled the word 'entropic' and didn't notice until now. Anyway, it's a Weakness. I already has a lot of utilities that were common for Death so I just left it with no aftereffect. This is another card that I wanted to make very different from the Death Cyclops's version. So theirs is a 0-pip spell that you can cast often as you build up pips, while this one is costly yet potent.

      Pip Pillager: Here's the first instance of the new Slay mechanic. This is a basic 2-pip 150 that can instead be a 1-pip 150 if it kills an enemy. With your access to Traps, this can be pretty easy to set up.

      Darkwoods Dragon: One of the earliest combos I created for this form is to use Painful Power twice and then use this (I first had this at 6 pips). Then I decided to drop it to 5 pips and create a second DoT spell so you can cover it against Life enemies. Even after a quick nerf right after I posted these on the bird site, it still feels too strong compared to the Death Pig's and Death Drake's big DoTs, but the Death Pig's can dispel and the Death Drake has a detonate combo so it might be alright?

      Fatal Fairy: A 2-pip DoT, trading immediacy for greater overall damage. This spell detonates its DoT if either you or the target has a blade. This is for two reasons. The first is that enemies who can Blade are usually also capable of countering DoTs, so this auto-detonating is to help prevent that counter. After all, Death is supposed to counter Blade forms. The second reason is because if you have a Blade and it isn't divisible by the number of rounds the DoT lasts, then it starts dealing some ugly numbers in damage. I just hate it when that happens.

      Assailing Ailment: This one's a funny card. Healing traps will inflict damage if the trap is worth more than the heal (unlike infection absorbs like the Death Cyclops has). So this becomes an anti-healing card that offers you 125 DPP. This would normally be utterly ludicrous for a large form, but in order to use it the enemy team needs to heal, and that heal will somewhat offset the damage done.

      Grim Omen: There is a lot of talk about large forms having access to 100 DPP or not, and I think that a 2-pip 200 trap might be acceptable enough. This also introduces another mechanic, spells being stronger if a hanging effect is not present. In this case, it's shields. This is because Death is meant to be countered by both Myth and Ice, and both of them usually have access to shields. In this case it just lowers the Trap down to 150 instead of 200, not much but it is a downgrade.

      Reaper's Toll: Pip Pillager in AoE form. It's neat in that you can get back multiple pips if you take out multiple enemies, but there isn't really much else for this spell.
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